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dealership laws

  1. rdskill

    Salesman gives me EAP, 6 months later, Tesla takes it away via OTA

    This happened a few months ago, but I have been reluctant to make it public. But I am seeing more and more of how poorly Tesla is treating customers and not meeting them half way or being understanding. Its another Goliath vs. regular people...... I purchased my 2019 SR+ on March 30, 2019...
  2. The Raza

    Connecticut Gubernatorial Debate - Allow Tesla Direct Sales?

    For those active in local CT politics, here's a clip from the recent debate between Ned Lamont (D), Bob Stefanowski (R), and independent Oz Griebel which took place recently at Uconn. Lamont was the only one in favor. Obviously there are likely more significant issues to sway your vote...
  3. DiveDeep

    Anxious to get a "Fix" of Model X...

    SLC Tesla store is not alowed to give test drives of new cars, or have you order on site.. BUT they do have a Used car dealership license.. so, they just got a used P90D moel X in .. if is Signature VIN 151 if anuybody in the area needs to get a fix and test drive that :) This one is a 7 seater...
  4. dauger

    FTC: Direct Consumer Auto Sales: It's not just about Tesla

    The Federal Trade Commission continues to advocate for direct sales, calls out Michigan's ban, in a new post today: Direct-to-consumer auto sales: It’s not just about Tesla | Federal Trade Commission Send this to your legislators if you're in a state that supports dealership power. They need...
  5. mspohr

    Tesla, Sierra Club and Koch Brothers Unite!

    From the "strange bedfellows" department, it seems that the Koch brothers and the Sierra Club have joined other public interest groups in a letter to governors in support of Tesla's right to open their own dealerships. Koch Brothers, Sierra Club Join Tesla in Fight With Dealers - Bloomberg...
  6. Alpha

    America tonight: Tesla's showroom under fire

    An in depth segment on the Tesla dealer fight will be airing tonight at 9pm ET | 6pm PT on the Aljazeera America Network: "Tesla's business model of selling cars direct to consumers has National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) declaring war. This week, America Tonight looks at the debate...
  7. S

    Tesla ahead of the crowd

    This article shows how dealers, but maybe not yet the (other) manufacturers, are just beginning to realize that we WANT to buy our cars directly via the net. And, I am a boomer, not a millennial, yet they think this is limited to millennials... How Dealers Are Adapting To "Online-Only" Car...
  8. malcolm

    US Autodealers vs Tesla

    First Texas: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/16132-Texas-House-Committee-Gives-Tesla-Motors-a-Chance Now North Carolina: http://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/auto-dealers-push-law-blocking-tesla-sales-north-194223800.html
  9. sublimaze1

    Texas Model S Reservation Holders - PLEASE READ

    A few things have come to light today. They are not earth shattering, but that can cause some dyspepsia, if you are not prepared. I was not prepared. (1) TESLA no longer gathers tax for Texas. Texas sent Tesla some kind of piss-o-gram this week and essentially forbade them from collecting...
  10. ElSupreme

    NPR: Car Dealers Sue Tesla, Citing State Franchise Laws

    NPR Morning Edition had a story on the Dealer lawsuits in MA and NY. They didn't go into the 'gallery' versus 'store' designation. But it seemed pretty good. Car Dealers Sue Tesla, Citing State Franchise Laws The audio says it will be available at 9:00 AM EST. It played a little before 8:00 on...