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  1. C

    Should I buy through Used tesla inventory or Dealership?

    Please send me your advice regarding buying a used Tesla 3 (2020 30k miles). I am considering going through Tesla directly as they are offering a 2 year warranty and 5 year battery(or 100k mi) warranty. They are not letting me see the vehicle however and I must trust that their quality control...
  2. S

    Tire Rotation - Tesla Dealership or Local Auto Service Place

    I'm coming up on 6K miles on my 2023 MYLR. The Tesla dealership is 30 miles and takes about an hour each way with traffic. I was curious whether it's worth the trip or if the local tire and service shop can do an adequate job. My biggest concern is whether it will be obvious to the shop people...
  3. D

    So this is what 3rd-party dealers do to P-series Tesla vehicles; enjoy!

    First off, a little context... According to CarFax, my P85D has been in possession with the third-party dealership I bought it from for only 23 miles of driving. How do I know this? Well, I asked the salesperson to take a picture of the SoC and mileage upon first inquiring about the car and...
  4. V

    Third party damage

    So i took my Model 3 into a local shop to get the state safety inspection done because the tesla dealership near me does not do them. The top portion of the dash when i got it back had a slit in it. I have never had an issue where a garage damaged my car before. I brought it back and they said...
  5. H

    How to get your money back on the tax you pay when ordering online?

    Hey All, There are 5 states that don't have sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. I live in one of those states. NH has no EV tax credits and there happens to be NO Tesla stores so I have to go out of state for delivery and pick up. Can I still request a tax credit...
  6. rdskill

    Salesman gives me EAP, 6 months later, Tesla takes it away via OTA

    This happened a few months ago, but I have been reluctant to make it public. But I am seeing more and more of how poorly Tesla is treating customers and not meeting them half way or being understanding. Its another Goliath vs. regular people...... I purchased my 2019 SR+ on March 30, 2019...
  7. J

    Bought MS from Dealer - Now What?

    I had been looking for months for a used MS with certain features sold direct from Tesla using ev-cpo.com. I have had no luck finding a car matching my requirements, so started looking elsewhere. Well yesterday, I purchased a (Nov) 2016 Model S 60D from a large Mercedes Benz dealership, and...
  8. tonybelding

    The Dealership Charging Network

  9. E

    Feeling misinformed on my CPO order (substantive previous damage) -- what should I do?

    So... the time had finally come. After months of searching EV-CPO and carefully watching all of my custom alerts, I'd found a CPO that matched exactly what I was looking for (the day after it was added). The CPO specialist I'd been working with gave me a call about it as well, saying he thought...
  10. T

    Ordering Model S but unsure what to do with Trade-In?

    Hi folks, I am new here and I appreciate your attention to this in advance. My situation is that i live in Michigan so I have neither a Tesla dealership nor a Carmax near my home. Nearest ones are 3 hours away. I am very close to placing my order with Tesla for my model S but my struggle is...
  11. R

    Dealers Price haggling vs Tesla's price fixing

    I am not sure how many have traded their Tesla MS or MX with tesla and bought another tesla. But it seems they charge premium + for their cars when selling them (no middle man and no body know how much they actually cost) and they give peanuts when you offer their own tesla for trade in.Its as...
  12. bonnie

    Michigan - HB 5312 Needs a Push From You

    (Bolding is mine) Dear Tesla Supporter, As you are likely aware, Tesla remains banned in Michigan—not only for sales, but service as well. This inability to operate stemmed from an action by anti-Tesla interests where, on October 1, 2014, in the waning days of the legislature, language was...