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  1. K

    M3/MY Side Repeater Camera Set (LH/RH)

    Hello all, I have a set of LH/RH side repeater cameras up for grabs. These are brand new, these are going for about $130 each so I can do the set for $200. If anything shoot me an offer
  2. J

    Latest Deal on Model 3/S/X

    Everyone, I just placed a custom order for RED M3 with 19" wheels. I have been told you can get up to two free extras like color, wheels and interior; if you are open to taking the delivery by end of the quarter. I am open to using someone's referral code; if they have a wall charger or any...
  3. S

    Tesla Model Performance Model 3 Sleeper Models $50k - value of upgrades?

    I’ve been helping a huge group of people find these cars and kept on getting asked the same question - what is the value of upgrades from the New $50k Sleeper P3 and the existing P3 at $55k. What do you think is the Value of: 20” rims, Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Suspension, and Track Mode? All I...
  4. A

    Tesla inside contact for deals...

    Hi All: So I wanted to share within anyone considering a Tesla the man to speak to is - Robb Silverstein I Ownership Loyalty Advisor, Sales Operations W 510-602-6010 email - [email protected] He has helped me with leasing a new Model X that I scheduled to pick up in the next 2 weeks once...
  5. S

    Help - Prices Paid Data - Let's Share how much you paid?

    I couldn't find a reliable source for both Model 3 deal and prices paid. As this forum is the most active, I'm hoping many would be inclined to share the recent deals they got or even the Order Advisor info to help. I will share all the data on a Google Sheet once I get a reliable sample size...
  6. P

    Just purchased a 75D Model X for $18k off

    I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a deep blue 75D X fully loaded. It's a 5 seat interior with black premium interior. There are still good deals to be had if you know where to look. Mine had an $18k price adjustment and was only $85k before delivery, tax and title, and the EV tax...