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  1. M

    Cockamamie directions

    Several times of late I have entered a destination on my Model 3 screen and been given a crazy route. In this photo I should just make a left and a right, instead it has me going past my turn and winding crazily around a cloverleaf intersection. I now have to run Google Maps on my phone to...
  2. UncaNed

    Charging map showing directions for trip planning?

    I'm planning a trip that includes minor roads, but google maps doesn't show charging stations; where can I find a website like google maps that shows me the charging stations so I can plan my route without having to leave the office and use my Tesla navigation system?
  3. Chrisizzle

    What's wrong with navigation recently? (Jan 2017-ish)

    The navigation / trip planning in my new Model X is all kinds of stupid. I did not have this issue in the Model S I traded. I assume navigation directions come online which means others may have similar problems (versus it being an isolated problem with my car). Is it firmware? Is it a problem...