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  1. A

    Salt Lake City to St. George no stops

    Has anyone done the salt lake to st George stretch if I-15 without stopping in a 2022 Model S LR? Is it possible?
  2. E

    Significant loss in mileage

    Just curious if anyone has seen a massive loss in mileage lately? My Model Y (2020) was at 512km (318 miles) at 90% charge when I first got it in September. Now, it's down to 405km (252 miles) at 90%. The Tesla repair shop says that's completely within range of a normal battery. I call bullshit...
  3. Persfoto

    New Model S with 632 KM range already on the Tesla website

    I noticed something on the tesla website in the Netherlands. Is this the new Model S with a different range. Normally the Long Range has a range of 610 km. This one has 632 KM and you will be able to open it without a key. Also there is a winter package onboard Here are the photo's from the...
  4. willow_hiller

    What's your SR/+ single-charge distance record?

    My wife and I just took a 1,300 mile road-trip to Montreal, and our last leg was relatively efficient. There's been news floating around that the SR+ has a real-world maximum range of under 200 miles, so I thought I'd start this thread to see how far y'all are making it. Here's our trip details...
  5. C

    Did autopilot distance algorithm change lately?

    I have 2019.5.15 and it's really far away from the car in front of me even when selecting '1' for distance. Acceleration from a complete stop also takes forever, but I can live with these problems. What's really weird is that if I'm on a steep downhill all of a sudden I'm tailgating the car in...
  6. Rijder

    Feature request: map scale or distance indicator

    The map in the car could be improved by adding a map scale or distance indicator. The benefit for the user is, when a measure of distance is included in the map, that it improves the sense of the scale of the map shown. This is especially in unfamiliar terrain an advantage. The units used...
  7. jaysquyres

    200,000+ Mileage Club

    I don't think there are many of us, but I drive 1,000 miles a week. I passed the 200,000 mileage point, so I thought I would share info on my small worn-out 60 battery. My FULL charge is 170: My 80% charge is 151: I drive fast, but my average usage is 352 Watt Hours/mile: I charge...
  8. Garlan Garner

    If you had a choice: Acceleration or Distance?

    It has been said by Mr Elon M. that there is definitely going to be a Ludicrous mode on the M3. Some have concluded in their minds that Ludicrous means sub 3 second 0-60 times. Mr. Elon M. has also said that the distance for the M3 will exceed 200 miles per charge. He has also stated in a...
  9. J

    Who wants Park Distance Control - Call to all Model S Reservation Holders

    Who wants, or Not, Park Distance Control - Call to all Model S Reservation Holders Please cast your vote here if you want Park Distance Control (aka Parking Sensors). The goal of this Poll is to record what percentage of reservation holders in EU would really like this feature added - and who...