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door sills

  1. O

    Textile-based rear wheel wells on '22 MY?

    Just got a '22 MY and discovered that the rear wheel well covers aren't plastic like other models, but a pliable textile. Is that new for this year? If not, is anyone aware of an aftermarket plastic replacement? I'm based in Vermont, and a textile-based wheel well cover is an EPIC design fail -...
  2. X

    Door sill gaskets and logo un-adhering on 2020 my

    I opened my door in my garage today and heard the foot sill Model Y logo fall off. I looked at the gasket on the bottom of the door and noticed it was sagging down. I checked the other 4 doors and they are also sagging down. The passenger side Model Y logo is also barely holding on. This...
  3. IslandRoadster

    Double-DIN Dash Replacement by Carl Medlock

    I love my Roadster #609. I really want to keep it as an original. But there are a number of things that annoy the hell out of me. So I took it to Carl Medlock of Medlock and Sons for some work. For those of you who do not know, Carl has a Roadster repair shop in the Seattle area, and works...
  4. jbadger

    DIY Caron Fiber Door Sills

    My stock door sills were cracked when I bought my car from the previous owner. I contemplated spending the $1400 for the Tesla Carbon Fiber Door Sills, or buying these from eBay Carbon Fiber Door Sills for Roadster. Instead, I decided to buy this Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap made by 3M on Amazon...