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  1. J

    MX Switches to wrong profile after turning car on.

    2017 MX @ 2023.7.10 We have two fobs for our MX, and each is connected to a different profile. When I am carrying my fob and approach the car, Easy Entry causes the door to open, set move back, and the display to turn on. If I look at the display, I can see that my profile has been invoked...
  2. K

    Tesla cloud account won't update!

    Hello all! I am needing some help with my new Plaid Model S. The cloud account that is one of the driver profiles that automatically set on the vehicle will not properly update, and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue. The profile picture finally updated after changing it on...
  3. R

    Tesla worker filmed sleeping while on autopilot

    Friend filmed this o/a June 4th, 2018, near Fremont, CA.
  4. KBurbridge14

    Driver's Seat "Sensor" is No Bueno

    So, the sensor in the front seat--the one that tells my X that I am in the front seat--is "broken." Apparently, my car thinks I am in the seat when I am not--and vice versa. The SC have decided to just replace the entire seat. The wait? 6-8 weeks minimum. I got my entire car delivered inside of...
  5. Shinteetah

    Average Annual Mileage

    Bad, bad new car owner! I am 120% overdue for my "annual" service (in 6 months of driving) and nearly 300% overdue for my tire rotation. Fortunately my warranty is unaffected by such negligence, and I'm now scheduled for pickup tomorrow. I got curious about an "annual or 12,500 miles" service...