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  1. n.one.one

    Giga Berlin Drone Videos

    Prior to this week there had been a variety of excellent drone videos of Giga Berlin on a very regular basis. This week the pace slowed. There has been nothing new from Tesla Kid and the_wolfpack_berlin posted only ground shots saying that drone videos would return. Does anyone know if...
  2. benjiejr

    Just another Model 3 viddy

    Some drone and GoPro viddy...
  3. Akrion

    High Voltage (Drone + Tesla Model S)

    I wanted to do this for a long time ... finally had the time. Hope you like it:
  4. P

    I took a tour of the factory today and did a quick drone shoot as well!

    I decided to take another tour of the factory today since the last time I did the tour was back in December 2012 (just before picking up my 2013 P85)...boy o boy has a lot changed!!! First of all you no longer go on a walking tour of the factory as you did back in 2012...it is just too large...
  5. benjiejr

    Model S Cameo in DJI Mavic Pro Drone Video

    Slightly related video demonstrating some features of the DJI Mavic Pro drone which happens to feature the Model S for much of it - especially a 360 view at 1:43-2:16
  6. benjiejr

    DJI Phantom 4 Active Track Tesla Demo

    Here's a Tesla-related video... I used the DJI Phantom 4 Active Track functionality to follow the Tesla... On a side note to the mods or anyone that might know, I tried to create a new post in the "Videos" section, but it says I have insufficient privileges to do so. I've made several posts...
  7. benjiejr

    Drone Tracking Tesla

    This was my second flight with the DJI Phantom 4 and I was testing out some of the features. If you'd like to go to the part where it tracks the Tesla, skip to 4:32. It was recorded in 4K.
  8. AllDigital

    Magnetic interference P85D - Compass and DJI Drone

    So, here is a new one for me. I've got a new DJI Phantom 3 drone. For the past 3-4 weeks it has been working well, but occasionally throwing compass errors on start-up. After a long drive today, I couldn't get the compass corrected at all to start up the drone (in the middle of a field). After...
  9. Erleichda

    Clunks, Drones and Milling sounds: Just had a drive unit fail

    Our 2013 P85 with 31k miles just had the drive unit fail. We had experienced the "clunk" when lifting off acceleration before regen started; our SC was contacted and a 'fix' employed that took care of it. We were not informed of what the fix was. The "droning" at speed >60 began to get more...