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  1. Cattledog

    Should Elon be on today's earnings call?

    A year or so ago Elon said he would be stepping back from being on every earnings call, letting Zack, Drew and others take the lead. Should he be on the call today?
  2. G

    Buying a Tesla with Tesla stock earnings!

    Anybody else doing this? I have a Model 3. In June I invested heavily in Tesla stock options (option to buy Tesla stock in Jan 2021 and 2022 for $250). Now I have earned enough to pay for the Model 3 that I have. I am well on my way to earning enough for the eight Cybertrucks I have on order...
  3. J

    Tesla posts another profitable quarter, but stock drops on earnings miss

    Revenues more than doubled to $7.23 billion in Q4, surpassing market expectations. Automotive revenue surged to $6.3 billion, helped mainly by the strong Model 3 deliveries. Adjusted earnings were $1.93 per share, compared to a loss of $3.04 per share in 4Q17. Analysts were looking for a higher...
  4. fallen888

    How high will it go?

    After a healthy rebound today, I'm sure many of us are looking forward to the Q3 earnings report release. How high do you think TSLA will go after the release?
  5. jkirkwood001

    Q2 earnings call discussion

    I'm on the Q2 earnings call now, and there are lots of interesting nuggets. For example, the top 5 non-Tesla trade-ins to buy a Model 3 are: Toyota Prius BMW 3 series Honda Accord Honda Civic Nissan Leaf What interested Elon the most about this is that these are mostly trade-ups, i.e. people...
  6. J

    Tesla Q2 2018 earnings thread

    Revenue grew 43% to $4 billion Adjusted net loss of $520.2 million or $3.06 per share Operating cash flow remained in the negative territory at $129.6 billion Total vehicle production rose 55% sequentially to 53,339 units in Q2, while shipments jumped 80% to 40,740 units Expects to produce...
  7. J

    Tesla posts better-than-expected Q1 results

    Tesla (TSLA) today reported 26% jump in Q1 revenue to $3.4 billion, beating analysts’ estimates. The adjusted net loss for the quarter came in at a better-than-expected $568 million, or $3.35 per share. Analysts had expected quarterly revenue of $3.22 billion and a net loss of $3.58 per share...
  8. L

    2017 Q4 earnings estimates

    now that delivery numbers are out figure i would put out a preliminary q4 estimate. comments welcome, i usually fine tune the model based on forum discussion. thanks. …luv q4-17Sep-17Jun-17Dec-16 ls veh % total0. avg price s+x103.00100.86107.27103.28 avg price model...
  9. M

    Tesla set for 2Q results, what's your take?

    Tesla is scheduled to release its second quarter of 2017 financial results on August 2, 2017 after the market close. What's might the outcome be? I had come across this site giving few ideas on the upcoming performance of the company. Leroy John - AlphaStreet
  10. H

    Fearless predictions for tonight's earnings ....

    So I will go out on a limb ... here is what I think... * 8.1 GA date will be announced (possibly the reason that the latest hw2 update has only gone out to a few) * model 3 ahead of schedule - possible reservation number will be shared * Company will emphasize other focus areas like power...
  11. M

    Tesla Q2 2016 earnings in a nutshell

    The electric car giant Tesla ($TSLA) posted wider 2Q16 loss on higher cost and expenses. $TSLA said net loss for the quarter was $293.19MM or $2.09 loss per share compared to net loss of $184.23MM or $1.45 loss per share a year ago. Revenue for the quarter rose 32.9% to $1.3Bil. Excluding items...
  12. S

    Articles/megaposts by sleepyhead

    Please click on the link below to find my Q3 earnings preview and to download my Excel model. I appreciate everyone's hard work here on TMC; without it I would not be able to put together such a comprehensive preview: tcinvestor Highlights: Q3: 5,700 cars delivered, $633 million in revenue...
  13. D

    2Q 2013 Model S Deliveries Potential Surprise

    I don't know if this is being tracked anywhere but according to my rough calculations, we could be in for another surprise for the 2nd Quarter Model S deliveries number. I don't think the market has gotten wind of this yet...but maybe they will with this thread. Here's what I'm seeing. Please...