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  1. K

    Euro 2019+ Model 3 Trailer Wiring Module ECU and plug whip $300 obo

    I had a friend in Europe snag these for me, but my car is just a little bit too early to have the gray plug behind the bumper to utilize them. This is a plug n' play option for trailer light wiring if you have a 2019+ Model 3. I was going to snip the euro trailer connector off and graft on a 4...
  2. W

    EU M3P in US?

    My 3P was built Nov 20, EU spec made in California. I’m looking at options to move back to the US at some point in the future. Does anyone have experience with this? I understand from Google that adaptors exist for charging, but I’m looking for a longer term solution like swapping out the...
  3. EV Family

    Model X crash + an Inside Look at how Tesla’s Approved Body Shops Manage Repairs

    Recently was involved in a crash with our 2018 MX. We got a behind a scenes look of how Tesla’s approved body shops handle repairs, some of the common misconceptions about repair delays and also how you could avoid some of the headaches.
  4. Z

    Retrofitting European spec modem for US Model 3

    Hi, I’ve purchased an imported 2018 US Model 3 with HW2.5 and EAP here in Jordan (P.S: we can only order S&X officially from Tesla Jordan, M3 still not available for ordering) I’ve had the car for nearly a year now and it’s been flawless apart from couple of error messages like the visuals...
  5. T

    Change Satnav/Connectivity from US spec to EU spec

    I've been offered one of the earlier Model 3's, US-imported in 2018. Getting a correct US charger rather then an adapter plug seems the smallest challenge. The car seems to have the improved Autopilot. The issue it only connects through wifi/hotspot, and the satnav only accepts Canada, USA and...
  6. M

    2014 Model S P85 AP in Europe €68900

    Helping a friend sell a late 2014 P85 with Autopilot. The car was bought as a CPO almost 3 months ago and has around 53000 km on the clock. The price is €68900 (VAT not deductible). It's Dark Grey Metallic and has the following options: - All Glass Panoramic Roof; - 19" Standard Wheels; - Black...
  7. Maarten

    Nieuwe vestigingen van Tesla BE/NE/EU

    Leek mij goed om hier een nieuw draadje voor te maken. Deel hier alle harde en zachte info, speculaties en roddels over nieuwe vestigingen/stores (voorstel is wel om het binnen Europa te houden), zodat een ieder op de hoogte is van de laatste info hierover! :cool:
  8. Matias

    European Model S typical consumption?

    What is European Model S typical consumption? I mean, what wh/km car uses when calculating typical range?
  9. R

    Official EU Test Drive Events

    Hey everyone! Let's welcome Tesla to EU and try out our eletric beauty! RSVP → Munich: 25-27 Jan 2013 RSVP → Zurich: 01-03 Feb 2013 RSVP → Antwerp: 07-10 Feb 2013...