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  1. M

    Tesla Events - Syd/Wollongong/Webinars

    Morning all - just got this invite from Tesla - few events headed Syd/Wollongong way: TESLA EVENTS I am going to 24/8 Webinar - may record it if anyones interested. Any questions people want asked?
  2. aplusautoMD

    Vendor A-Plus Auto Styling Presents Fuzzies Fridays (Meet)

    A-Plus Auto Styling, home of The Tesla Program, will be hosting our friends at Fuzzies Burgers for our monthly meet. Our next Fuzzies Friday event is scheduled for 4/28 from 5-8pm. Fuzzies Burgers will have their food truck set up in our back lot, with great food . We will have music...
  3. S

    Cyber Rodeo ticket or +1?

    If anyone has an extra ticket or a +1 that they will not be using to attend the Cyber Rodeo, I am very interested in going.
  4. Tes*la*rosa

    SoCal IE National Drive Electric Week & EV Rally 9/27

    Register to win $250. Route 66 Rally. Event details in flyer & link below: National Drive Electric Week • San Bernardino • Sep 27, 2020 Hope to see you there! ⚡️
  5. engle

    Tesla Factory 2019 New Year's Eve Delivery Event Twitch Livestream ~ 8 pm

    I will be livestreaming the Tesla Factory New Year's Eve 2019 Delivery Event on Twitch here: (Twitch is now in our cars) Twitch @teslaruss I will tweet when my stream starts to: Russ Engle (@RussEngle) | Twitter in case you want to follow me to know when I go live, which will probably be...
  6. Ostrichsak

    Does Anyone Need a +1? Asking for a Friend.

    Seriously though, it's for me. I know this is highly unlikely but I have to at least ask... I'm fully house-trained, self-reliant and wildly entertaining. I won't need anything aside from an address to pick you up at prior to the show and personally chauffeur you in a luxurious P85D (Sorry...
  7. Gwgan

    Katahdin Scenic Byway Rally October 2020

    Now that the Medway Supercharger is online I would like to plan unofficial Tesla Rally along the Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway (rt 11). Basic idea: drive from the Medway SC to the north end of the byway, about 60 miles, and back if that is not too long. I will make a scout trip soon...
  8. nagerseth

    Huge Favor to ask of Bridgewater Area - Sept 29

    Hello fellow Tesla Owners! My name is AJ, I've got a 2014 Model S, recently relocated to NC from DC. I've got a HUGE favor to ask of the community. My best friends nephews are HUGE Tesla Fans. So much so, that their birthday party coming up is Tesla Themed at a Chuck E Cheeses. They've even...
  9. dwangoAC

    Desert Tesla Charity Drive May 4th, livestream free to watch at TAS.Bot

    Greetings! I'm announcing an inaugural event that's hard to explain, but here's a video that attempts to do so as cheesy as possible: Here's a blurb summary: Make dwangoAC melt or TheAxeMan freeze using Crowd Control to hack the comfort features of a Tesla Model X 100D during a 14+ hour...
  10. L

    Model Y Unveiling Invite for sale

    Hello everyone, I have received an invite to the Model Y unveiling. As I am unable to go to the event, I would like to offer up my invite for sale. Please PM me with offers. Thank you.
  11. amerimark

    Fire & Brimstone Tavern Tesla Takeover (Alpharetta, GA)

    Come join us at Fire & Brimstone Tavern (Fire and Brimstone Tavern - Drinks, Entertainment, Food - Alpharetta) for an opportunity to personally meet with other fellow community members and admire what we all love—Tesla! Saturday, October 27, 2018 Start: 1:30 PM End time: ~3:30 PM NOTE 1. I...
  12. G

    Model X P90D Raffle Feedback

    I work for a non-profit in New Mexico that was recently donated a 2016 Model X P90D with ludicrous mode and about 20,000 miles on it. We are considering raffling it off, and I was looking for feedback from the Tesla community on the structure of the raffle. Would you be more likely to purchase a...
  13. YusufT

    Meet up with Tesla Owners

    Hey guys so I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Is there anyone that would like to do Tesla meet ups with other owners? I don’t know like a movie, dinner or whatever just a meet up. I think it’s a great potential to talk about our cars since we already do that all day and to meet cool new...