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  1. helvio

    Folding Seats / Bags on Backseats = Annoying Seatbelt Notification!

    I'm pretty sure this also applies to Model 3s, not sure about S/X. When you get that notification card saying there's someone not wearing the seat belt on the rear seats, especially when you fold the rear seats for a larger trunk or some object is on the seat, I just recently discovered you can...
  2. 3

    2020 Six Seater - Which seats fold down?

    I am waiting for my 2020 Model X Long Range Plus 6 seater to be delivered and have not had access to this configuration locally to drive. I used the chat feature on Tesla's website to ask if the middle captains chairs in this configuration will fold flat. I was told that, YES, they do, however...
  3. plasmo

    7 seat fold down photos?

    I'm looking to purchase a new Model X, and trying to find photos of someone's X who has all 2nd and 3rd row seats folded down. I tried searching for pics (or videos), but for some reason cannot find any... can someone point me to a link (or take a pic if you have one!)? Thanks
  4. Janssen_Ronald

    Rijden met aanhanger met de Tesla Model 3

    Ik heb vorige week mijn M3 LR DM verkocht met als enige reden de ontbrekende trekhaak. Vrijdag 21-6 in de trein een inventory DM LR met trekhaak gekocht en die is donderdag 27-6 geleverd!!! Kortom -> dit weekend even het trekken uitproberen. Ons doel is om over drie weken met de vouwwagen...
  5. Skotty

    Do customers like the folding 2nd row seats?

    To my surprise, I didn't see a thread on this when I did a search of this forum. Who knows, maybe I just missed it. A huge complaint that got tons of attention in the first few months of Model X was about how the 2nd row seats don't fold flat. However, Tesla now has a fold fat 2nd row seat...