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forum rules

  1. ohmman

    Marketplace Rules

    The Marketplace is intended for private party buyers and sellers to find each other in order to perform legal transactions. It is not an "open forum" despite the ability for any member to post in For Sale or WTB threads. For Sale threads are not the place for debates about price or discussions...
  2. M

    Post deleted because non mod said to stop posting?

    My post was deleted because the admin said I was asked nicely to stop, but no mod asked me anything. The only person who replied to stop was a not a mod, who didn’t address my yes/no question either. Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the 2019 Investors' Roundtable I see posts deleted all the...
  3. SwedishAdvocate

    Suggestion re: the Forum Rules

    A little while ago I wanted to find the Forum Rules. Having had too little sleep, and having been away from my good ole Mac for a while I forgot I could simply search for them. It therefore took a while before I vaguely recalled perhaps they were posted somewhere in the "Site Feedback"...
  4. SwedishAdvocate

    Re: Forum Rules

    Right now there isn’t anything about politics or religion in the forum rules…