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    How Many Replies are too many?

    There are a lot of replies to the posts on TMC and it is nice to see an active form! But when do you stop reading posts?
  2. jebinc

    Tesla's "forum" - forums.tesla.com

    I'm a relatively new member to TMC and Tesla's forum (June 2019); however, I spend most of my time here in the TMC community. I'm curious if you've been to the Tesla forum and what you think? Not because I recommend it, but because I do not. I will start the discussion with my observations of...
  3. T

    New Forum Design

    Hi everyone. We appreciate and welcome constructive criticism on the new design, interface and functionality. We've worked hard on this and know that there is a lot more still to do. What we have now is a work in progress and we are well aware of, and are working on filling, many of the...
  4. D

    New Forum Design

    Trying to organize a thread for people to share their feedback on the new forum design.
  5. vfx

    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    There's more than a new blog