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front plate

  1. EveryAmp

    Vendor Model 3 Highland 2024+ Refresh - Front License Plate Mount - No-Adhesives, Removable, Height-Adjustable, Made in USA Since 2019 - SnapPlate+

    NEW: SnapPlate➕ For Tesla Model 3 (Highland Refresh 2024+) SnapPlate➕ is our most rugged design to date. It's strength-optimized and ready to take a beating. SnapPlate➕ is available for Tesla Model S,3,X, Y, & Cybertruck. Available at: EveryAmp.com 💪Strength-Optimized Design Hardened features...
  2. L

    Model 3 Front License Plate Mount

    Hey everyone, I live in California and up until recently I had been ignoring the state law that requires drivers to display their front license plate. I recently received a ticket for not having a front plate and I do not want that to happen again, so I did some research. I did not want to use...
  3. BLKMDL3

    Guess who just got pulled over??? This loser!

    Ok, It finally happened. We rolled a stop sign and they got us for no front plate. Nothing about tints but have to go show them that I put the plate on. So, heres the plan. Gonna go there with the plate on with adhesive, pull out of the police station and immediately pull it off while parked...
  4. Beta V

    Model X License Plate Saga

    When Angel, my new Model X, arrived Christmas eve, she had no place to mount the front plate and no screws had been provided for the rear. I knew Washington State law requires both front and rear plates so I immediately began some research and found what seemed like the best solution for the...
  5. KinjaChris

    Facelift MS with front license plate holder removed & rear debadged

    The front of the car is really stunning so I just had to remove the front license plate holder to show it off better. Yes, I realize this puts me in the "ask for forgiveness" club with no front plate in CA. I'm ok with this. Here is what it looks like without the thing on the front...
  6. GasKilla

    Front license plate and range

    Has anyone tested how actual range is impacted by having a front license plate vs. not having a front plate?
  7. NoMoGas

    FINALLY an answer to the front plate problem, Hide that plate

    I, like many of you REFUSE to drill ugly holes in the front of my car (when it arrives), and frankly the ugly plate is an eyesore. I have been searching and searching and FINALLY found an answer http://www.hidetheplate.com With this you could either flip the switch when stopped/parked and/or...