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  1. MS-Alec

    Tesla YANKED FSD option without notice - Class Action lawsuit? Any Lawyers here? [Resolved]

    I have purchased used 2017 Tesla MS on 12/20/19, from 3rd party dealership (not Tesla), who purchased it from Tesla through the auction house on 11/15/19. The car had FSDC Autopilot. Upon the software upgrade back in December the FSDC was yanked. In January when I was in Tesla service center, I...
  2. C

    Should FSDC (Full Self-Driving Capabilities) be an option right now?

    As a Model S owner who purchased EAP on AP2 hardware, I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on FSDC. FSDC is currently a $3,000 option ($4,000 after taking delivery). Is this really fair? Tesla is charging $3,000 for an option that doesn't exist and will clearly not exist in the near-term...
  3. P85DBeast

    Anyone ordering without EAP and FSDC?

    Wanted to know who ordered without it. Why didn't you get it? Or if you got EAP but not FSDC.