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  1. Hank42


    Elon needs to round out Tesla's model line up the way any mega-genius with the maturity of a 6-year old would by introducing the following new models: Model 2 as a lower priced sibling to the 3 Model 4 as a step up from the 3 but just below the S Model U as a utility vehicle that is maybe a...
  2. CyberGus

    Cybertruck Pre-Delivery Checklist

    The first CT deliveries are still a long way off, but I thought we would get a head start on the pre-delivery checklist. Here is what I have so far: Check the VIN. Ensure the vehicle was not built at Fremont, or at end-of-quarter. Check the body for paint, ensure there is none. Check the...
  3. IchDochNicht

    Crazy Things Tesla Service Has Said...

    Thought this could be fun... the crazy stuff that service personnel sometimes say that is disconnected from reality. 1. I made an appointment to have my car aligned because I scraped a curb with the right front wheel, and it no longer tracked straight. Tesla Service (when I arrived): "Since you...
  4. lifegoe5on


  5. Silicon Desert

    Entertainment Video - "If self-driving cars were Southern"

    Full self-driving is finally here. Thanks Elon !!! :D Ok, not really. Just a joke. If this is not appropriate, then it can just be deleted. By seeing some of the tense discussions and snippiness lately, I thought we might lighten things up a bit. And hey, let's not make fun of our...
  6. A

    Apparently the Prius prime is better because variable valve timing

    From Toyota’s vehicle comparison, I found some funny results. Apparently things that are “best” in a Prius compared to a tesla include “variable valve timing”, and “standard audio system” :rolleyes:. No thanks, I’ll take the “not best” model 3 please :p
  7. bolton2160

    My Model 3 Punished Me Yesterday

    So, we had the Enhanced Auto Pilot installed yesterday on our M3 at the Costa Mesa SC. It's about a 1 1/2 hour drive for us back home so after about 1 hour of driving we stopped setup the auto pilot and wanted to test it out the rest of the way home. It went well for a few miles then it kept...
  8. Chuq

    Everything Is Amazing And Nobody Is Happy

    If you've seen my name on TMC you'll know that I follow supercharger threads from all around the world. As we all know the supercharger network is growing at a huge rate, but sometimes it still isn't enough. Everyone thinks that their area has been specifically targeted by Musk to have poor...
  9. David99

    [Humor]First photo of the new Supercharger V3

    Plug looks familiar, but much bigger...
  10. Haxster

    Don't need no stinkin' charging station

    Charging Station? Don't need no stinkin' charging station Run out of juice? Too far from a SuperCharger? Don't want to spend money on a regular charge station? Is your home electric bill getting too high? How about converting a little elbow grease into pure energy to charge up your Tesla...
  11. graham

    Elon Musk

    Figured there probably needs to be a thread just on Elon. This interview is newly published, but seems fairly dated already: SUCCESS — What Achievers Read. On Newsstands Now!
  12. CoastalCruiser

    The Other Secret Plan: Tesla as Ticket to Heaven

    The Other Secret Plan: Tesla as Ticket to Heaven It’s a little known fact that there is another secret plan associated with the popularization of the electric car. But this plan comes from a different source. Beyond the long list of features available on a Tesla automobile there is a major...
  13. cdub

    Funny video of Grandma trying autopilot for the first time

    Now I admit this was almost my reaction when I first tried it during my test drive... although it was mostly an internal dialogue. Hilarious though.
  14. Whitmarsh

    This fellow should have had a delivery walk-through!

    This might lighten your day: BMW Prank Automatic Gearbox Problems - YouTube
  15. F

    New: ticket-avoidance-mode for Model S.

    Tesla Announcment: Ticket Avoidance Mode Haven't seen this posted yet... Taking advantage of its autopilot hardware, plus some ingenious use of aimable wind shield washer nozzles, our Tesla's now can avoid parking tickets. (also on Tesla's Facebook page)