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  1. derdzyan

    Tesla Gen1 mobile connector wall side wiring diagram

    Hi I bought from Ebay a gen1 UMC and didn’t notice that its wall end adapter is cut. So now as I'm far away from the US and received it I need to figure out how to refurbish it. I see there are two thick red wires which are L(+), two thick black which are N(-) and green-yellow which is G...
  2. islandbayy

    HPWC Problem, Gen 1 not working on Late 2019-2021 S & X

    We were one of the FIRST Tesla Destination charging locations in Wisconsin(Before it was even a program!), and THE First Hotel/Motel/Resort in Wisconsin to have dedicated EV Charging (Early 2000's!). As such, we have/had some of the oldest (Early Production) HPWC's Tesla produced. They have...
  3. R

    Swap Gen2 rear facing jump seat striker for Gen1 - San Diego

    I just bought RFS (rear facing seats) from a 2016 MS but the strikers that came with them are sticking out too much. If anybody is getting their newer MS retrofitted with older RFS and wants to exchange their Gen1 strikers for my Gen2 strikers, ping me. I am located in San Diego.
  4. DrReid

    Upgrade Model 3 from Gen1 to Gen2 front seats?

    I'm looking at upgrading my Model 3 (early VIN) from Gen1 front seats to Gen2. I've found the Gen2 seats to be much more comfortable and I have chronic low back issues that get aggravated very easily with my Gen1 seats. I've attached a picture to show the difference - the Gen2 seats have more...
  5. L

    TPMS v1 for v2 exchange

    I have 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen1 that I would like to exchange for 4 OEM Tesla TPMS gen2. I bought a set of winter wheels without knowing they might not be compatible. My model S (118979) uses gen2 TPMS and the wheels are gen1. Maybe someone is in the opposite situation and we can trade? Cheers!
  6. Ostrichsak

    Looking to Buy Gen 1 NEMA 5-20 Tesla Adapter

    I keep seeing them pop up for $20 plus shipping for good quality used ones but I keep missing them. I bought a couple of used adapters for $20 shipped but I'm willing to go $20 plus shipping for a 5-20 adapter. Only catch is it has to be the Gen 1 attachment and not the gen 2 that has the cord...
  7. TSAccessorize

    Tesla Model S Gen 1 TPMS Sensors

    I have a set of Gen 1 TPMS sensors for sale. $140 shipped to anywhere in the US. Remove from my P85 Thanks.
  8. Q

    buying a test drive vehicle with no tow package

    1) Is there any downside to buying a test drive vehicle with 2,000 miles? 2) test drive vehicle built 9/17 after the Tow package standard (7/17), but doesnt have it. How hard is it to convince OA that it should be included. 3) between ultra white and cream seats, which one is better with kids...