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  1. Gwgan

    High suspension limit 19mph

    Drove some rough roads today and tried to set the suspension from Standard to High but car would return to Standard at speeds over 18mph instead of at 35mph as advertised on the settings screen. Interestingly, when the car rose to High automatically based on previous location settings it would...
  2. S

    Create a geofence trigger alert (Tesla API + web service)

    Here is a tutorial on connecting your Tesla to a web service to create custom trigger alerts like geofence triggers and create dashboards of historical data. How to Build a Tesla Data Dashboard with the Tesla API
  3. S

    Model S Smart Air Suspension Problem

    Hi all, I've had a Model S for just over a little over 1 year now and while I love it, I've been reporting a consistent problem with it for almost the same amount of time and I'm getting nowhere. The car grounds when in Standard mode when I reverse down the drive. I've set up various auto...
  4. NikeWings

    Firmware Updates - so whats your geofencing gig?

    A place to describe your latest effort to score a firmware release, and whether you were successful, foiled or failed. Where, when, how, etc. And don't forget to log the actual release# here: http://ev-fw.com/track-logoff.php