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grand canyon tesla

  1. T

    Trip to Vegas, Grand Canyon North Rim and Zion National Park on MYP

    Recently went on a road trip in my MYP to Vegas, Grand Canyon North Rim and Zion National Park. This post is for folks who might have questions on Charging and Range Anxiety. I took delivery of my MYP in March.I had logged 3000 miles prior to the trip. I have Tesla Solar, Powerwall and...
  2. AlanSubie4Life

    Trip Report - San Diego to North Rim Grand Canyon

    As alluded to in other posts, I took a trip from San Diego to the North Rim of Grand Canyon in my AWD Performance+ last week/weekend. This is an 8000-foot ascent. Setup: 2019.32.11.1 Michelin CrossClimate+ on Dekagram 18x8.5 wheels. (Temperatures dropped into the 20's and upper teens...
  3. M

    Elevation gain and range. New driver question

    Looking for some reassurance on an upcoming trip from you guys: I don't currently own a Tesla, but have a deposit for a Model 3. I'm taking a trip to Vegas in April and thought it'd be fun to rent a Model S for my trip. There is one portion of the trip where I'm unsure of the cars range due...
  4. roblab

    5000 mile jaunt around western USA

    I just wanted to share a great trip we finished yesterday: 18 days, 30 superchargers plus a few outlets, hitting Phoenix to Denver to Rapid City (Mt. Rushmore), back through WY, MT, ID, OR, NV and home to Napa Valley. Free forever! I would not want to bore anyone, but we had a couple...