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  1. D

    Switched 12v on a march/2020 model 3

    Hello, I hope someone can help me here. I know there are many posts like this but none have helped me. I am trying to hardwire a radar and am having no luck. I can’t find the normally mentioned red wire in the big loom of cables but I have a ton of pink wires. I found a thin red one not in the...
  2. itsallaboutme

    NEMA 14-50 or Hardwire ChargePoint electric company paying for service upgrade

    Should I go for the 14-50 or hardwire the ChargePoint? I am getting a 200 amp service upgrade which will be paid for by PSEG NJ electric service provider. Hardwire: if I get another charger I would have to hire the electrician to come back and install the new charger. (This is only if...
  3. bigblackshaq

    Hardwiring Uniden R3

    I have been using the R3 for a few months and it has saved me on multiple occasions. It’s connected via the 12V cigarette outlet and has been sitting on one of the included suction cups on my windshield, but I decided today I want to clean it up a little bit since the wires are messy. I ordered...
  4. D

    Hard wire radar detector

    1st I've read all the forums regarding hard wiring. So far I haven't seen any info on anyone being successful at hardwiring a radar detector. I saw that there's no "customer" 12V power available like in the M3. Just want to know if anyone's cracked the code on this. I want it wired so that it...
  5. ElectricTravel

    Detailed How-To: Install a Valentine One radar detector behind the nosecone of a Model S

    This is a good solution for those who can't mount their Valentine One radar detector behind the windshield because the metal film in the windshield blocks the radar signals. Thanks to @CHG-ON for the idea. When I read about that setup, it was obvious that it was the best solution for this...
  6. agw

    Hardwire a 14-50 plug to a UMC

    Got an early UMC from a friend with visible melted plastic between the connector and the 14-50 adapter. During charging the AMPs would drop to 20 and clearly was not safe to continue using it that way. By the way, here is a disclaimer: I shall not be held responsible for any damage to hardware...