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  1. O

    Hansshow Power Trunk CANBUS

    This may be a long shot but does anybody have the 2019-2020 CANBUS harness and want to trade for a 2017-2018 CANBUS harness? Reached out to HANSSHOW but they don't respond and are not helping. Top is what I have and the bottom is the one I need.
  2. R

    "SIGNAL" on DCDC harness or connector needed

    Good afternoon Everyone, I am having a hard time finding a connector/pigtail ( I know its part of a harness we just don't know which harness that is ). It is underneath the wheel well on the front passenger side, to be exact its on the DC DC - the issue that we are having is that our customer...
  3. D

    2021 MY max current on factory installed tow harness

    I have a factory installed tow harness on my 2021 MY that has the lead-acid 12v battery. I recently had a short develop in my RV trailer which proceeded to "let the smoke out" of the Tesla wiring harness. Tesla service center is telling me that the wiring harness was equipped with a 25amp fuse...
  4. R

    Expired Unplugged Performance x Willans 4 Point Harness (Driver + Passenger) [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Unplugged Performance x Willans 4 Point Harness (Driver + Passenger). Please add to the discussion here.
  5. D

    SC want to replace Wireharness and Steering Rack Assy.. $4800

    Hi all Im a new user, but has been using this forum for a while now - Thanks to all for sharing their knowledge. I was for a couple of weeks ago getting lots of errors, which didn't makes sense at all. First my servo failed, and I couldn't turn right or left without using brutal force. However...
  6. T

    Steering assist wire harness…help

    Had some rodents eat through my steering rack wiring harness. I cannot figure out how to disconnect this connector, anyone know the secret? I’m 250 miles from a service center so I hope to get the connector released and splice in for the short term. Longer term, t chance anyone know if that...
  7. W

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD Parking Sensor Harness

    Long story short, I bought a used July 2018 Model 3 in August 2020. I live in Central KY and we recently had a lot of snow and ice. After I cleared my car, one of my front parking sensors died. I bought a new sensor and replaced it myself with no luck. Tesla Service came to my house today to...
  8. G

    Model Y Trailer Wiring Harness - Part Number?

    Hello Tesla People! I've been hunting high and low for this. Like many of you I've ordered an aftermarket EcoHitch for my Model Y and am happy to work through the installation on my own. Re: a wiring harness, I have not found any 7-pin connector solutions and also can not see a reasonable way...
  9. W

    Trunk not opening from app, button or screen

    Unfortunately I cannot open the trunk anymore from the screen, app or button on the trunk. The mechanical release still works (but people look weird at me when opening the trunk like that...so I prefer the normal way of opening ;-). I already had the Tesla ranger (have to say, very friendly and...
  10. DutchTM3

    What type of connector used for tail lights

    Hi, I am looking at installing a trailer harness. Rather than splicing or piercing the little wires that end up in the connector of the tail lights, I would like to get my hands on a set of similar male and female connectors (well, two sets actually, one for the driver side taillight and one...