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high pitch

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    Squeaking Suspension Over Bumpy Roads

    We took delivery of our Performance Y in May. Last month, when going over any slightly bumpy surface at 40mph+, it developed this high pitched squeaking. Sounds like it coming from the drivers side front wheel well. Service center has no idea and won’t fix it unless reproduced at low speeds...
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    Dynamat for whining / whistle / beeping inverter noise?

    Has anyone dried sound deadening / dynamatting their Tesla to eliminate the annoying sounds from their drive unit/inverter? If so, did it work?
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    Low Speed, High Pitch Whine

    Our 2013 S85 has a high pitch whine at low speeds whenever the accelerator is depressed. The sound fades as the speed increases, but it annoyingly announces my arrival every day at work and later when I arrive home. So much for Tesla's silence. Several months ago the Scottsdale Service Center...