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high power

  1. jebinc

    Wire gauge (AWG) for HPWC (Telsa Wall Connector)

    Hello all, I believe 6 gauge, stranded, is all one needs for a 60 amp circuit with 48 amps continues draw (HPWC) - for distances less than a certain amount of feet. My installation will be 35 running feet of wire from my main panel and I was thinking of going with 4 gauge wire (actually 4/3...
  2. B

    [Bay Area] Signature Black Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger 24' - $644

    I am selling a *NEW* in-box Matte Black Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger Gen II This is a special Limited Edition version signed by Elon Musk. 24-foot version These are not available for purchase from Tesla. I received it as a gift from Tesla, but don't need it. I'm selling this one for...
  3. B

    [Bay Area] Silver Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger 24' - $444

    I am selling a *NEW* in-box Silver Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger Gen II 24-foot version These sell on the Tesla website for $500 + $44 (tax) = $544. I'm selling this one for $444 You can save $100 and have it today. No waiting. Pictures are from the website, as this is still in the...
  4. MelaniainLA

    FS: NEW Black Elon Musk Signature Tesla Black Wall Charger - West Los Angeles Pickup

    $500 for BRAND New In Box Tesla black high powered wall connector that’s signed by Elon Musk — this cannot be purchased from Tesla - was an award from the referral program. Entire thing is black including the handle and the wall unit. Easy to install. I already have two (one for each car) and...
  5. heytae

    High Power (Limited Edition Autographed by Elon, black) Wall Connector, HPWC

    I have a referral award that I'm willing to have drop shipped to you. Brand new, sealed in box, autographed special edition Tesla Wall Connector / Charger. Generation 2, Matte Black Charger, 24ft cable, 80 Amps These are NOT available for purchase from Tesla. You can only get them for...
  6. Jonas_man

    High power charger upgrade 11kW to 16,5kW European Tesla

    Hi guys, I just performed the upgrade and wanted to leave here the details. My car is a facelift model that came with 11kW only. I decided to use my store credit to purchase this expensive upgrade. The upgrade is just software told me the service advisor. The price was 2200€ in Finland. Here's...
  7. R

    Tesla Roadster High Power Wall Connector - Used only once - $1,200

    Dear all, -------SOLD-------- We have a Tesla Roadster 50A High Power Wall Connector for sale that was used on a demo portable charging station and used only once (!) Location: NYC, but willing to ship it out to you. New Price: $2,000 + ship/tax = $2,200 We're asking $1,200. See pictures below...