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home delivery

  1. G

    For Peple Who Got Home Delivery

    How long did it take for them to schedule a date and time for your home delivery? Did they just suddenly call you and say that your delivery is scheduled for tomorrow? I have completed all the paperwork and payment and it's been almost a week of nothing. No updates, no responds.Forgot to mention...
  2. P

    Pick up changed to Home delivery

    Has anyone had their MY delivered to their home instead of picking it up? Mine was changed and while it’s great my MY will just be delivered like a pizza to my house, makes me nervous. My text said I don’t even need to be home, but I need to submit final payment prior to taking delivery. With...
  3. M

    3rd party home delivery and trade in

    I expect home delivery this weekend. I am in a state without Tesla store. Tesla will ship my car by 3rd party carrier and take my trade in car. From previous posts, my understanding is that 3rd party carrier will not wait for me to do a thorough inspection. The driver will just drop the car and...
  4. M

    Home delivery with trade in

    i was asked to mail out the original title of my trade in car along with some signed forms before home delivery. Is it normal? What is the process at home delivery? They just drop Tesla and take my trade in car? Will they come back to me if they are not happy with the condition of the trade...
  5. M

    Do I need to pay full before home delivery?

    Do I need to pay full before home delivery? I looked through Tesla's frequently asked questions, still not clear. As I understand, if you go to a Tesla store to pick it up, you may bring a cashier's check. However, what happens for a home delivery is not explained. Tesla has sales license in my...
  6. Packnaimal

    How many miles should a new vehicle have at delivery?

    I'm getting a home delivery this Friday of a Performance 3. I live ~ 4 miles from the Fremont factory. I'm curious to learn how many miles should likely be on the new vehicle when it arrives.
  7. F

    Home delivery in RI vs service center in Mt Kisco ny

    So my sales rep based in Dedham mass (30 min away) suggested a home delivery for our X. For some reason Tesla doesn’t permit RI residents to pick up their car in MA. I thought home delivery sounded great. Then, the delivery specialist sent me this email basically telling me that home delivery...
  8. paranoidroid

    Home Delivery gal damaged my car.

    She had one job, drive it two miles from Port of San Francisco to my house. As I waited outside, I saw her pull in fast to park and go over a curb and scrape one of my wheels. Then I saw major front bumper damage underneath. She says 'transportation damage' but it's much worse on the driver...
  9. mspohr

    Home delivery, two day return option

    Got this email today As a reminder, you can easily buy a Tesla online without visiting a store or doing a test drive, and have it delivered directly to your home or work. We are highly confident that you will feel great about your purchase, which is why you can always return it within two days...
  10. H

    California Home Delivery?

    How was your home delivery experience? How did the process work? Did the paperwork / payment go as planned? Were you happy with the result? We're about 300 miles from our nearest SC, and home delivery was our only presented option. We're not financing, nor doing a trade-in. Hoping for our new...
  11. B

    Upstate / Western New York Delivery

    Hi, Got a VIN today! I live in Rochester NY. Talked to Tesla, they had me down for pick up in Pittsburgh NY. Maybe I selected that as closest dealer when S shopping a while back? Toronto is closest, then CLE, then Pittsburgh, then NYC/Mt. Kisco. I explained that I'd read that if I pick up...
  12. diamond.g

    Home Delivery

    Does anyone, whom lives more than 160 miles from Service Center, plan on having Tesla deliver the car to their home?