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  1. danwilliams5

    Gen 3 door handle buzzing/squealing

    Tesla peeps smarter than me, I’ve got a rear door handle acting up. A high pitched whine coming from the handle assembly. It had been intermittent, leaving the door handle extended partly then last night it went in, stayed in and constant whine (see video). Car off, reset with scroll wheels...
  2. fablau

    POLL: Does your Model Y make this humming sound?

    If you own a Model Y, please, check the following and post your answer below: 1. Make sure your car A/C is off. 2. Close all doors and let your car cool for 5 minutes. 3. Open the door: Do you hear a humming sound coming from the front-right side of the frunk that never stops? Can you also...
  3. fablau

    Model Y makes hum noise all the time

    Hello here. I just got my new Model Y two days ago (long range, dual motor), and I have noticed that there is a continuous humming sound coming from the front all the time, either when I am driving or when the car is parked. Once parked, the noise will eventually go away, but it takes several...
  4. A

    Constant hum while parked in the garage

    I've recently upgraded my 2013 MS to a 2016 model, and noticed that the new car always seems to have a hum while parked in the garage. Doing some searching revealed that it's expected that there would be some humming due to coolant circulation and such, but I don't think it should be lasting...
  5. m0rph

    Motor/Gearbox bearing - what about that hum?

    So, I'm developing a new problem since a few weeks.. Between 120 kmh and 130kmh (75-85 mph), I have a hum that is quite apparent. It disappears as soon as I accelerate hard, but is there all the time when cruising at highway speed. Now I've read on the German TFF forum that I'm not the first to...