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ideal range

  1. T

    Tesla Roadster CAC and Range

    Hello I have a 2011 Tesla Roadster R80. I wanted to see if there is an easy way for me to check my vehicles CAC and total mileage. I looked at links like Gruber Motor Company but I am unable to get to the screen where it shows the CAC reading. My last question is about my vehicles ideal range...
  2. krazineurons

    90D shows 164 ideal miles at 50% battery!

    Hey good folks, I bought my X last week and I have driven around 550miles on it so far. I have learnt to switch the dash to show either battery percentage or remaining miles (I can choose ideal or rated range). I also learnt that ideal miles is a better metric as that is based on the w/mile...
  3. wga22

    Service available: record and display your Tesla's locations and battery stats

    Is anyone interested in having me set something like this up for them? I've written an application that I run on a hosted service and associated website to record and display location and battery stat history for my car. I'm interested in setting this up for others who might also be...
  4. D

    Range Reduced on Dual Motor Configs?

    I've been thinking about this since the Dual Motor versions of the Model S were announced in October. Here goes. I would argue that the realistic range of the Model S D configuration is actually LESS than the non-D. Here's my reasoning: For those of us who were around when the Model S was...