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  1. J

    Insane+ on P85D

    First time poster, but big fan :) I just noticed that Insane+ was added to my MS P85D. I have not been able to find any information online about it so I reaching out the the experts here. What does Insane+ add over Insane? More power? Lower 0-60? Any specs? Thanks in advance!
  2. DDarrow

    Local News Radio Personality Goes "Insane"

    So as part of an effort to get the word out in the Des Moines, IA area about a couple of National Drive Electric Week events, I had the opportunity to take Bonnie Lucas of WHO Radio for her first ride in a Tesla. She did a couple Facebook Live videos of the ride, but unfortunately lost the first...
  3. Old Man Mike

    Rode in a P85D - Ordered one the next day

    OK, I had seen the videos and thought I knew what to expect. One evening we spotted a silver P85D in a restaurant parking lot and took a guess at which of the couples eating outside owned it. I asked if the Tesla was theirs and they said yes. We talked for a while and the owner ended up...
  4. J

    Driving P85D What happens in Insane Mode launch in Snow and Ice Conditions!

    P85D INSANE LAUNCH in SNOW ice winter driving Tesla - YouTube Oh yes I did. And tesla is truly a smart car.
  5. benjiejr

    Very Short P85D Insane Mode Video

    Tesla P85D Insane Mode - YouTube
  6. B

    Sport vs Insane on P85D

    Sorry folks...I'm sure that this has been broached on another thread, but I've looked... honest. Anyway, does anyone know what the Insane mode does? (Other than flattening our faces) I know it enables 0-60 in 3.2, but why shouldn't I just leave it there? If I don't need the hole shot, I just...