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installation costs

  1. J

    Brisbane Charger Installer

    Hi I just wanted to give a recommendation to my electrician who installed my Gen3 charger. I found his price to be fair and the workmanship excellent. It cost me $600 for a Three Phase install If it helps anyone else his contact details are [email protected] +61 433 209 393...
  2. L

    London home install recommendation + charger type

    Hi all - 1st post on here! I'm just about to order an M3 (standard range +), and wondered if anyone could recommend an installer who covers south east London/Kent, and also an idea of price? 2nd question (related), is do I have to fit a Tesla charger or can I get similar performance from a...
  3. K

    Ev charging station for block of flats

    Hi all, I am wondering if someone has experience in installing an ev charging station for designated parking spot in block of flats? I have received commercial quote from one of the ev charger suppliers quoting £10k+ for installation and ev charging software for communal use.
  4. J

    Electrician for HPWC install in LA

    So I just had my Wall Charger installed in my building (multi unit). I got quotes from several electricians including those on the Tesla referral page and finally found an honest electrician. I say this because I was an electrical apprentice when I was a teenager and have a good understanding...
  5. K

    Installation of 240V outlet

    I am looking for an electrical contractor to install a 240V outlet. I do seem to have a space for a circuit breaker. What should be the ampage for that breaker and also how much should I reasonable pay for this along with material ? thanks
  6. 1.21GW

    60A Breaker -> 4 gage or 6 gage wire?

    I have received a few quotes to install my Tesla Wall Connector for my model 3. The biggest difference between the quotes is wire size. All electricians have their reasons, i’d like to know what you think My setup: 60A circuit breaker 48A max charging amps (wall connector setting #9) 35 ft...
  7. bcamacho

    Did you install Solar? What was your estimated costs - desire to charge p100d, 4/2 home & grid tied

    Would love to hear your thoughts? I'm interested in purchasing Tesla solar. I want to pay cash, no loans. I desire the system to support the following connected devices: Tesla P100D | 12000 W charger Washer/Dryer | 1100 W All electric Kitchen | 5500 W Household lights | 500 W 4 ton Central...