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interior car detailing

  1. M

    What product to use to clean back of seats?

    I have the black interior but the plastic (I think it’s plastic?) on the back of the seat has some white scuffs on it. What products to use to clean the back part of the seats? Is there an all purpose cleaner to use to clean the front of the seats, back of seats and the dashboard?
  2. C

    BO Smell Embedded In Seat

    I am at my wits' end with a smell embedded in my car seat. A couple weeks ago I gave a friend a ride on a short road trip. He apparently suffers from terrible BO. The smell from him is now stuck into the passenger seat. It is most prevalent right where his arm pits would've been when sitting. I...
  3. BC1Auto

    Vendor Hello! TMC Vancouver, Happy Tesla Deals, Car Protection & Detailing

    Hello Tesla Owners, We are new to the club, but not new to paint protection and detailing. We are Xpel headquarter trained and certified shop in Vancouver. We would like to offer an affordable/reasonable/happy deal for your beloved Tesla or other vehicles BC1 Works/Photos Detail oriented and...
  4. D

    Model 3 interior preservation

    I've only had the car a few months, and I'm already starting to see scratches and nicks inside the vehicle, some on the hard plastic bit near the door, but also on the material coating on the door too. I don't want a full detailing job done (boot and back seats can stay untouched for instance)...
  5. J

    Model s premium interior

    can someone tell me What the premium interior does for model s? Are the Seats with the regular interior already leather so is only the dash and roof upgraded with the upgrade?
  6. Jean-Claude

    Vendor How to safely clean leather seats on your Tesla Model S [images included]

    How to Safely Clean Leather Seats on Your Tesla Model S Above all else: Ensure that you follow manufacturer's directions when cleaning and/or conditioning automotive leather. Notice in the image that we have Soft Cleaner, Strong Cleaner and finally, Super/Cleaner/Remover. The products have...