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jump start

  1. G

    Permanent 12V Aux Battery connected to 12V car Battery. Will it work?

    So I forgot to plug in the car before applying a software update. 5 hours later, car was dead. Something wonky with the update (2020.20.17). This is a 2018 Model X, with 2.5 years and 70K km. Jump starting was effective, but not immediate. I had to "revive" the old battery for at least 20 min...
  2. T

    Model X to jump start an ICE pickup truck

    Non conventional question for the forum... Seeking advising using a Model X to jump start another vehicle. Using the B+ and ground marked under the frunk of a Model X, what would be the ramifications to jump start a cold, low voltage 12v battery on an ICE pickup truck? Let's suppose both...
  3. MarkS22

    Video Demo: Opening The Model 3 Frunk Using Jumper Cables

    Hey, I made a quick video giving a demo of how you can open the frunk on a Model 3 if the 12V battery goes dead: