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  1. MrTemple

    Swivel Screen Mount Kit: Any Reviews/Impressions?

    Holy this thing looks cool. I love the idea of the swivel version coming out that lets you adjust it back to neutral. Just seems to make sense when I'm the only one in the car to have it pointed at me. And I like the idea of it reducing glare without needing a matte screen protector. Here's a...
  2. Ostrichsak

    WTB: Roof Rack System for Model S w/Pano Roof & Possibly Accessories

    Looking to buy a roof rack system (Whispbar, OEM branded, S37W etc.) for our Model S. I'd be interested in the Tesla Model S specific kit or possibly even one of the more "universal" kits like the Yakima that hangs out a little bit more (60"). I don't really plan to leave these on all the time...
  3. UnpluggedP


    Great news for Model 3 Owners looking for more braking performance! We’ve been working closely with Brembo for many years and they recently visited us to give a presentation of the Brembo Model 3 big brake kit. As many of you know, Brembo makes the brakes on the Model 3 Performance and this is...
  4. D

    WTB or trade; need a lightning cable for phone docking kit, have a micro USB cable

    Buy or trade; need a new or used lightning cable for my new (incorrect) console docking kit that came with a micro USB cable. Used to be every car came with a docking kit with both cables. So I know there are many unused short 90 degree lightning cables out there:-/ (Now the kits are on...
  5. Kenriko

    Vendor Model 3 Center Console Wraps

    Available from Amazon with free Prime shipping for $29.50 - Console Kits - Brushed Black: https://www.amazon.com/Kenriko-Tesla-Model-Brushed-Console/dp/B07CZLGZRR Matte Black: https://www.amazon.com/Kenriko-Tesla-Model-Matte-Console/dp/B07CZL8ZR5 Carbon Fiber...