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  1. C

    Wall Connector insurance coverage for condo garage spot in Florida

    Hello, I’m new to this group and this is my first post. I apologize if this post is not correct in any way. Please let me explain our situation. We purchased a MYLR in January of 2023 when there was a price drop. We live in a condominuim and so reached out the our HOA to gauge how they...
  2. terraform

    Smart summon accident and liability

    Was in an empty parking lot and seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out smart summon. My Y was parked in reverse in a space and I was about 150 feet away. It started out smooth, driving itself forward and leaving the space. Then it had to make a left-handed U-turn to go around a small...
  3. A

    Safety issue: backup camera should override other UI when in reverse.

    Backing out of my garage, I struck another car that was unexpectedly in my driveway. The backup camera was useless, because the quick controls UI for opening and closing the doors was not replaced by the camera view. To my knowledge, every other manufacturer prioritizes safety correctly. The...
  4. BobAbooey

    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California


    Pano roof brackets broken! Tesla won't repair due to salvage vehicle

    Moderator note (bmah/efusco): 3 related threads now merged Hey guys my first post here , be gentle :) bought my first Tesla Model S 2017 and opened the roof only to realise the brackets on the roof are cracked!!!! is this something im missing or a common occurrence on the model S :'( I am so...
  6. S

    Auto Industry Lawyers at ABA Conf. -- semi- and automated-driving issues

    This Reuters article from today pretty much captures what I've seen discussed by members here on the Model X Mt. View accident, that of liability issues for manufacturers and suppliers. Figured it might be better to create a thread just for this line of discussion instead of piling it on in the...