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  1. D

    Tesla got broken into overnight and driver certain is certain the car locked

    Hi everyone, My mother went yesterday evening for shopping and she is certain the mirrors folded when she walked away from the car. This morning we saw there were two notifications that one of the passenger doors was open. Everything was taken out from the middle console, but nothing else was...
  2. T

    2013 S 85 charge port problem

    Hello, first post here. I bought a used 2013 S in August last year. It had about 89k on it then and just rolled over 100k (miles) yesterday. For the past month or two, I'd noticed weirdness when plugging in a charging handle (mostly at home with my 120V level 1, but occasionally with away...
  3. EtherMN

    Browser locking up

    Why is my web browser always locking up when I’m parked and trying to view a chart on TradingView.com. It works for 30 seconds and locks up. The only fix is to reboot the whole system. Happens every time…
  4. B

    Phone Key When Home

    I have just set up phone key on my new model 3. I now seem to be able to walk up to the car, unlock it and drive, just by having my phone in my pocket... perfect. However, when I'm at home and the model 3 is in the driveway I notice that my phone is sometimes connected to the car. Does this...
  5. NormVA

    Lock setting seem to change

    I set "walkaway lock" in the car. I also wanted to check locking the car from the screen icon. I locked the car with the screen icon (after I had opened the door). When I went back to the car, walkaway lock was no longer selected. It seems that the same thing happens, if I lock the car from...
  6. J

    Best adapter for this plug?

    Hello everyone, Last week I went to one of my local ski resorts an they have a few spots for electric vehicles with charging. The only problem is I was only able to connect with the 120V plug since they only had one other option I hadn't seen before (it is worth mentioning that I have never...
  7. T

    Door lock

    Stupid question, but when I simply walk away from the vehicle (Model 3) does it lock all doors on its own?
  8. RedModel3

    Driver's side only unlock?

    I work at night and park in a large urban parking garage. For years, my cars have been set to driver's side only unlock, due to safety reasons. I currently use the phone as my key, because I like the new sound on lock feature. I believe I read that if I use the card, the driver's side only will...
  9. efusco

    2012 Model S undrivable due to parking brack won't release

    Tried to drive my daughter to school and myself to work this morning in my 2012 Model S with 80,000+ miles and the parking brake would not release. I think it's just the right rear brake, but may have been more than that initially, but the other(s) broke free. I made multiple attempts to back...
  10. David29

    Does Door Unlock Mode/Driver Only always work?

    I noticed something about my Model S’s door locks a few days ago, that might be a defect, or might be a software glitch. Tesla told me to bring it in but before I do, I’d like to see if there is really something wrong with my car, or if other people have the same experience. I decided to try...