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mcu upgrade

  1. D

    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    Just a post to give my experience upgrading from MCU1 to MCU2. My car prior to upgrade: 2017 Refresh Model S, MCU1, AP2.5, Sunroof, Sirius XM, AM/FM, LTE, FUSC, WiFi 2.4GHz, Free Premium Connectivity, EMMC Recall active, Autopilot (not FSD) My car Post Upgrade: Still 2017 Refresh Model S...
  2. G

    2015 Model S MCU Upgrade UK Delay

    This is a question for any UK owners of older Model S cars who have ordered the MCU upgrade from Tesla. I have had my P85D since January 2016 now at 95k miles. The problem I have now is that the MCU screen completely failed back in September 2022 and it has the usual yellowing delamination...
  3. J

    MCU2 Upgrade - Car images missing and door handle stuck in

    Hey everyone! I just got my MCU2 upgrade done yesterday on my 2015 85D. Screens look great and they did a good job with the install. Only issue I have now is that the car images do not appear on either screen (screenshots attached). IC shows red lines when object/vehicle is near but my tesla is...
  4. M

    Interior damage during Model X MCU2 upgrade

    Just completed the MCU2 upgrade in my local SC. Noticed this damage to my backseat. Anyone familiar with the upgrade process and what tool/technician action could have caused this? I have yet to hear back from the SC..
  5. Ramisanders

    AP1 MCU2 Upgrade?

    My AP1 Model X is in for service to upgrade the MCU for $2500. Couple questions. Has anyone out there upgraded their AP MCU? Why or why not? Have you notice big difference? What do you use the most? Do they give you back the MC1? Thanks
  6. S

    MCU 2 Upgrade Question Regarding Screen

    I had the MCU upgraded yesterday at a SoCal SC. I was told at the time of the appointment they had all of the parts including the new center screen. I was offered a discount to keep my old screen which I declined. The Tesla employee noted the account and said the car should be ready by the end...
  7. P

    My MCU is dead, cannot turn off heat or close sunroof. Replacement part: "possibly a few weeks"

    I have been having phone app connectivity issues which lead Tesla service team to believe my MCU was dying. It has been months since my app was able to connect to the vehicle. Sure enough, the day before scheduled to take it in, we had the sunroof vented and were poking around at the fireplace...
  8. C

    MCU Upgrade

    Finally some relief for us long suffering MCU1 owners, upgrades to MCU 2 are starting in the US Infotainment Upgrade USD $2,500 x 1.6 + GST = $4,600 best guess for NZ pricing. I have a 2017 MXP with HW 2.5 and MCU1, hopefully I'll be among the first in NZ to be offered it. Please post when...
  9. 1

    Infotainmente/MCU Upgrade Confirmed (US only for now)

    As per the title: Infotainment Upgrade Also added a screenshot as you might be annoyingly and constantly redirected to the Australian site which won't show the actual page. For MS/X built March 2018 or prior. Maybe there is hope for AU customers down the track...