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model 3 rattles

  1. C

    Passenger side (maybe B pillar) rattle, drives me crazy!

    Hi all, I have been looking at many of the forums on here trying to solve this rattle. Service can never replicate it... Which is frustrating. I do not notice it when it rains either... But that seems to be caused by the increased noise when the roads are wet. Service has replaced both front...
  2. jacksterCali

    Rattling near mirror / camera housing

    anyone have similar issue when going low speed? I am about to remove this piece YouTube
  3. V

    Any ideas on cause of rattle (at low speed18mph) in front driver side wheel well?

    I am getting this weird continuous rattle at ~18-20 mph from the drivers side wheel well. It goes away as i lower the speed to 15 and or increase to 25mph. See Video to hear the sound
  4. T

    Trick to find all rattles in Model 3

    I got my Model 3 a month ago. Love the car, truly, but there are two rattles that are really irritating me. I found one, but the other was in the rear and totally elusive. Long story short, I found an app that helped me find it instantly. Using this app, it causes any rattle spots to...