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  1. M

    Red seatbelts

    Anyone know where I can swap out the Tesla seatbelts and does it void warranty ?
  2. G

    Tein EnduraPro Plus - Should I modify bump stop?

    I'm looking to install Tein EnduraPro Plus dampers on my 23 MYLR along with a set of MYP springs to lower the car just a bit. I've read some posts where people modify the bump stop and others don't, but most of the posts I've found were with the stock springs. Can anyone comment on this setup...
  3. S

    Looking for a seat mod to achieve my dream version of the model X

    Does anyone know of an available modification or swap for the passenger pilot seats in the model X plaid where they will gain the ability to fold flat? The six seer is perfect in my opinion as it has the middle aisle, but I hate the fact that the seats cannot fold flat for the most cargo storage...
  4. O

    [MYP] Interior Ambient Lights

    Just wanted to share some fiber optics lights we installed on the MYP. The lights were cheap so was pleasantly shocked about how well they looked after the installation. The family loves it, especially on the nightly road trips across the state 😁.
  5. M

    Are electric window tint and a rear video screen advisable/achievable?

    TLDR: I'd like electric tinting on all glass and a rear monitor that mirrors the touchscreen display but I don't know if it's even possible let alone advisable. Any relevant input would be appreciated. I camp in my M3 a LOT. Couple things I have noticed is that playing games or watching movies...
  6. OK-S

    Added Thermal Imaging Camera To My 2015 85D

    Hi, Just thought I'd share my project to add a Speedir thermal imaging camera to my 2015 85D and have it come up on the center screen. The project is nearly finished and here is a shot of the grill install (yes, needs a bit of tidying up) and the first video imaging in my driveway. I'll post...
  7. Ceramic Pro Coating on Tesla S

    Ceramic Pro Coating on Tesla S

    We have applied Ceramic Pro Coating on this Beautiful Tesla S.
  8. Ceramic Pro Coating on Tesla S

    Ceramic Pro Coating on Tesla S

    We have applied Ceramic Pro Coating on this Beautiful Tesla S.
  9. Ceramic Pro Coating on Tesla S

    Ceramic Pro Coating on Tesla S

    We have applied Ceramic Pro Coating on this Beautiful Tesla S.
  10. Shane23

    MagSafe Retrofit using Tesla’s Wireless Charger

    This will pale in comparison to the recently released refreshes that I cant stop drooling over, but I had this idea to open up Tesla’s Wireless Charger that I have in my S and putting a MagSafe Charger in there in the hopes of getting faster charge rate.. It actually fits pretty good with a...
  11. Y

    Can anybody help me out?

    Well, I own a model Y right now, and I’m thinking about refit my wheels to aftermarket wheels. The problem is that all aftermarket wheels that I prefer are really big wheels. I'm afraid that those big wheels won't fit, what if they scratch the fenders or brake calipers? So I search on the...
  12. Nyimetaay

    Modifying Model S aero wheels to fit Performance Model 3

    Hello, I am interested in finding and modifying the aero wheels that came with the early Model S onto my Model 3. Does anyone have any experience with these wheels and/or ever converted them to fit onto a Model 3? Picture is of the aero wheels in which I am interested in.
  13. B

    Model3 keycard transform to ceramic ring

    Hi,I'm new here and I transform a keycard into a ring, waterproof,made in China. It works well
  14. S

    Saw this mod today and did initial double take

    Driving through a parking lot this morning and always looking for Teslas parked or on the road. Kind of like to get a feel for how many of each model I see out there in my area. Did a double take on this one.
  15. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Speedhunters feature Unplugged Model S: The Electric Elephant In The Room

    The guys over at Speedhunters have been kind enough to do a full feature on our Unplugged Performance 2013 P85+. We are extremely honored and grateful to have been selected and are thrilled with the results. Link and full article below. The Electric Elephant In The Room - Speedhunters The...
  16. UnpluggedP

    Vendor The Modified Model S Thread

    Wanted to see if there's any interest for this type of thread. I've seen the aftermarket wheel thread but there are plenty of people out there doing much more to their cars! It would be great to establish a thread for all those looking to modify, ask questions or show off their rides! Post up...
  17. Haxster

    My Model S 90D Cabin Lighting Upgrade

    Overview: As others have observed, the interior lighting is really dim. It’s pleasant “ambient/mood lighting” but falls short on practical lighting to actually see stuff in the dark. My December 2016 MS has the Premium Upgrades Package. This includes thirteen 200 milliwatt cool white LED...
  18. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Transform Your Tesla!! Unplugged Performance Refresh Fascia System

    The Refresh Fascia provides previous generation Model S owners an opportunity to experience that new car feeling once again. The new look follows Tesla’s new nosecone-free aerodynamic design and features an integrated front spoiler. This distinctive front spoiler amplifies the performance...
  19. UnpluggedP

    Vendor WORLD DEBUT: Unplugged Performance Refresh Rear Set

    Hot on the heels of the development of our Refresh Front Fascia for the Model S, we also began to work our magic on the rear of the refreshed Model S. This week, we debuted our new Refresh Rear Set, our take on Tesla's newest rear end for the Model S. With the updates to the Model S several...
  20. G

    Front Seat Disassembly

    Has anyone taken off the back plastic shell from the front seats? I am wondering if there is a clever way to clip or attach a jacket hanger. I am thinking one of the traditional hangers that attaches to the headrest posts could be modified to clip in between the plastic and leather seam...
  21. KJennerator

    What to do with your old NEMA 14-50 plug adapter...Make a universal plug!

    My dad was doing some experimenting with the UMC to discover how it determines which adapter is plugged into it. The goal was to get 24 amps from a 120V source without buying the proper adapter from the Tesla store. It turns out that the two communication pins (shown in the picture below) have...