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motor noise

  1. T

    Model S / RAV4 EV Coolant Leakage Motor Repair

    We recently acquired a RAV4 EV that had received damage from the standard coolant leakage. The vehicle apparently was stopping and going short distances, and then stopped running altogether. We were able to get the drive train out, and disassemble most of the motor. However, I'm curious if...
  2. D

    2013 P85 Unit Noise

    I’m having an issue with a knocking noise in my drivetrain. Tesla quoted me $7300 for a new drive unit, but the unit was replaced under warranty 24k miles ago. Has anyone else experienced this noise? I recorded a video this morning. It’s definitely not the same milling noise that most drive...
  3. grayguy

    Fast clicking noise behind front right wheel when parked

    My 2017 Model S (single motor, standard suspension) has started a fast, repeating sound coming from behind the front passenger side wheel (hear it here). I notice it when I stop somewhere to park and open my door, but it's possible that it's there at other times. When I close the driver side...
  4. P

    Rear motor disabled

    Heard a clunk and the Model S slowed down while I was driving up the hill. I am not sure if I can still drive it. It's out of warranty. Driving it doesn't feel right as there's some noise it makes in the rear. Wondering...is it okay to drive my Tesla Model S year 2017 while the rear motor...
  5. CertLive

    Motor making a new noise at slow speed? 2020.12.11.2

    Morning all. Day before yesterday taking the car out for a short trip fully warmed up as us Brits enjoy some hot weather for once! I noticed whilst at slower speeds there seems to be more electrical motor whine. Now I am not complaining there seems to be nothing wrong with its function and its...
  6. A

    833hz at approx 1 volt on 12 Volt circuit

    I have been tracking down a whine clearly audible over the sound of music, I suspected it came through the speakers so I got myself a DSO digital storage oscilloscope, sure enough there is a an occasional tone on the 12Volt line related to motor load. I have not yet persuaded myself it is worth...
  7. T

    Annoying whistle noise, when driving relatively slowly – Is it normal?

    It is driving me nuts! I don't know if it is referred as ‘Moter whine’. I hear the noise when driving relatively slowly around 30-70 km/h. Sometimes it is worse. It will start when slowly using the pedal at some speed. The sound/whine/whistle is also there when regenerative breaking. All help...
  8. N

    Smart Air Suspension and motor noise

    Sent my vehicle (P85+ Model S) to service centre on 28/2. Picked up the vehicle 3 days afterwards. 5 mins after leaving service centre, left front tyre reported to be low on pressure. Pumped it up and problem went away. Upon delivering my vehicle to service centre, i specifically mentioned...