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new mexico

  1. tinm

    Supercharger - Las Cruces, NM

    As I mentioned over in the Supercharger - Santa Fe, NM thread, Tesla recently informed me they are making significant progress on the Las Cruces supercharger site. I asked for clarification on what "significant progress" meant, and their reply was: "Significant progress means that we have...
  2. nwdiver

    Supercharger - Albuquerque, NM - Journal Center Blvd NE

    Is ABQ getting a 3rd Supercharger location?
  3. M

    Supercharger - Albuquerque, NM - Louisiana Boulevard Northeast

    The latest Supercharger in Albuquerque is finally here!! A new station is planned for ABQ Uptown at 2200 NE Louisiana Blvd. Permits were filed in October by GPD Group to build "charging stations" on the northeast corner of the mall. The mall is owned by Simon Properties, who has been a longtime...
  4. hjelmn

    Truck Delivery in New Mexico

    Finally took delivery of my LR/AWD/MSM/Black & White/Induction/FSD today (VIN 0175xx). The car was built on 06/19, moved to the port of San Fransisco on 06/23. Unassigned on 06/28 (Tesla EoQ shenanigans), reassigned on 06/30 (can sell an already paid for car). Moved to Fremont around 07/08...
  5. S

    Supercharger - Socorro, NM

    Has the Sororro NM supercharger been installed yet. I have looked through this topic and find no information. Thank you
  6. HillCountryFun

    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    I really need this location to energize soon! Anyone going through this area any time soon? Drive slow and look for construction activity, please! Best guesses for location: Love's Travel Stop Best Western Kokopelli Inn Quality Inn and Suites Valero 24hr self-service pumps Somewhere close to...
  7. ecarfan

    Supercharger - Milan, NM

    In researching the California to New Mexico route, I note that on Tesla’s Find Us page a Supercharger is planned for Grants NM, it states “Target opening in 2018”. I don’t find an existing thread about that Supercharger so thought I would start one. I realize that it may not actually open in...
  8. tinm

    Updates on SB 255, a new pro-Tesla bill introduced in 2018 New Mexico legislative session

    This thread will be a place-holder for news and updates about SB 255, introduced yesterday in the state legislature in Santa Fe, NM. Here's the page with info on and the text of the bill: Legislation - New Mexico Legislature I'm expecting a hearing next Thursday Feb 8. More details to follow.
  9. S

    Supercharger - Truth or Consequences, NM

    Look what I found on New Mexico 811 site. NM811 LOCATE REQUEST TICKET NUMBER: 17JN150614 Update of: Ticket Type: Standard Locate Creation Date: 06/15/17 AT 14:08 Excavator Information Company: MLS ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Main Contact Phone: (505) 301-7118 Address: 9664 EAGLE RANCH RD...
  10. tinm

    Supercharger - Santa Fe, NM

    Tesla emailed me today to say that they are making progress on site locations for the remaining superchargers promised in New Mexico, particularly in the southern half of the state. However, what surprised me was that they also indicated that things are moving fastest, I guess you could say, on...
  11. T

    New Level Three Chargers (Not Tesla) on the way in New Mexico

    FYI... I emailed PNM earlier this week asking if any more DC fast chargers were planned in the PNM area. They replied this afternoon two were planned "within a couple of months"! One will be placed between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, the other within Santa Fe itself. I'm quite excited about the...
  12. reddy

    Supercharger - Albuquerque NM

    I got confirmation from HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS HOTEL & SUITES MIDTOWN that they are getting the ABQ Superchargers. Address: 2500 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque NM 87107 This makes sense, since all of the other I-40 superchargers at at Holiday Inn Express locations from ABQ to Amarillo My contact...
  13. M

    Supercharger - Benson, AZ

    No . . . Tesla does not appear to have a planned supercharger anywhere near Benson, Arizona on any map that they have released to the public, but many in the Arizona Tesla community believe that it’s absolutely necessary. We currently have a Supercharger in Casa Grande and there appears to be a...
  14. S

    Supercharger - Farmington, NM

    Thought I'd kick off this thread with the confirmation of New Mexico's first supercharger location in Farmington! 4 Corners Regional News - Farmington will Become the First Site for a Tesla Supercharging Station in New Mexico | Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation Thanks to cjc9er...