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night driving

  1. DNSJames

    FSDb Not Working at Night

    For the past few weeks I can't get FSDb to work after dark, I just get a message in my console that says "Cabin camera is covered or blinded". This began on the last beta but it's still doing it on 69. I figured the car got a deep reboot with the update and may clear it up. I've carefully...
  2. S

    Camera Issue

    Hello all, first time poster but a long time reader. I purchased a Model 3 on 12/31/19 from Atlanta and was driving it home (330 miles away). As soon as the auto-pilot cameras initialized after 20+ miles I got a message saying auto-pilot can now be used, then immediately an error saying "right...
  3. Brother T

    Autopilot Calibration Day vs Night

    Ok I have a strange question. I’ll be taking my delivery in the evening and by the time I leave the Tesla Delivery center, it will be dark outside. How accurately will the autopilot function work if it is calibrated at night vs during the day?
  4. R

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    I took delivery on 12/31 - have had my Model X for 3 weeks. At first I thought this was fatigue or age (43) or bad vision, but it's not. At night, when looking through the front windshield straight ahead, I see two sets of brakelights on cars in front of me - one set low and the other set...