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  1. N

    2015 Nosecone Ultrasonics

    Hi all! My girlfriend's 2015 Model S had some paint/cement/demonspawn damage to it at some point. Almost like a ton of tiny chips or SOMEthing. Detailer was at a loss too. She found a replacement nose cone to solve the problem. The nose cone fits perfectly, however the USS' do not. The...
  2. J

    2016 Nosecone Grill For Sale in GTA Canada - $200

    Hey everyone, I have my old nosecone for sale. I'm moving from Georgetown to London in a week and I'd love this gone. Missing the Tesla emblem sticker logo. I moved it over to my new bumper. Asking $200 OBO
  3. MichaelP90DL

    Wayne Carini and Chasing Classic Cars

    I played a recorded (but very recent) episode of Chasing Classic Cars on the Motor Trend Channel last night. The camera panned the front of F40 Motorsports (Carini's business), and lo and behold there was a Model S, nosecone version, parked near the building. I tried to find out about that car...
  4. ElectricTravel

    Model S nosecone/front fascia center applique, for cars with 6 front park assist sensors

    Model S "Front Fascia Center Applique", a.k.a. Nosecone Has parking sensor holes. Fits all nosecone-style Model S that have 6 front park assist sensors (4 on the bumper cover, 2 on the nosecone); I'm pretty sure the 6 sensors were introduced at the same time as Autopilot hardware. Tesla part...
  5. tinman

    FS: Weathertech Nosecone Model S Frunk and Trunk liners

    I traded in my 2013 P85, and still have the frunk and trunk mats left over. They won't work in my new MS, so I wanted them to go to someone who could use them. There are slight version differences according to the WeatherTech site, so make sure that you go onto their page and verify that the...
  6. The Fury

    Model S Nosecones (2) for Sale! (2012-2015)

    TESLA MODEL S NOSECONES 2012 2013 2014 2015 BLACK. I have (2) Model S nosecones that I am looking to sell. Both have chrome trim and Tesla "T" logos in chrome. Cosmetic scratches but in great shape! 1 Nosecone has the Lighted "T" Tesla Logo attached and ready to be used. (With you =r...
  7. T

    P85D Nose Cone and Bumper for Sale

    Black Nose Cone and Front White Bumper (paint code PBCW), both in great shape, From a Tesla S Dec 2014 P85D with Autopilot $1,500
  8. A

    Looking for gray hood and nosecone for p85

    Hi I'm looking for a gray hood with no damage and a nosecone with the chrome trim around it. Its for a 2013 P85 Thanks
  9. wdolson

    Poll on the Nosecone Debate

    It's been my impression most people have a strong opinion about the Model S and X noses and opinion seems to be split 50/50. I thought I would poll to see if this was true. Moderators, sorry if this is the wrong forum, this applies to all three of the existing and upcoming Tesla models, so it...
  10. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportine NCGv2 Nosecone Grille v2

    Our NCGv2 Nose Cone Tesla Model S Grille gives you the sense and styling of a more traditional car, providing you with a unique look that sets you apart from the next Tesla Model S owner. Our Grille replaces your factory Nosecone. You must transfer your oe factory chrome trim from your existing...
  11. jpwe10

    Matte Nose Cone

    What do you guys think of this. I personally think it looks great. It gets rid of the plastic look for the nose cone. Looks more sporty too. This is not my car, but a friend's. Here is a pic of an S without the matte wrap. See the difference it makes?