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  1. JBAR

    Where do you car wash your Tesla on Oahu?

    Hello everyone on Oahu. If you live in a condo or apartment where you can’t wash the car in your driveway this question is for you. In town there are only a handful of drive-through car washes which are quite poor in my opinion. I would never want to put my Tesla in one of those. Unfortunately I...
  2. J

    Any updated recommended electricians in Oahu? Specifically NEMA 14-50

    Hello all! New to the island and to the forum. Any updated recommendation for electricians who can install nema 14-50 on the island? Secondly, anyone live in a house with detached garage out back with the breaker box front of the house who can give me an estimate of what was paid and how it...
  3. N

    Sold CHAdeMO Adapter Brand New For Sale

    I purchased a CHAdeMO Adapter off the Tesla website, but needed one sooner than the estimated delivery date and was able to buy one at the service center instead. Figured I could just return the one I ordered online when I got it, but unfortunately was not aware of the ridiculous 25% restocking...
  4. M

    Model S 19” Wheels and Tires for sale.

    Original Model S wheels and tires for sale. Approximately 18k miles on them. Great condition. Plenty of tread. $800 or best offer.
  5. HAWX 12

    Model Y's in Hawaii

    Let's see those pics! Can we keep it simple though... Tell us- Model/options, Date Ordered, Date Delivered, What Island it's on, Favorite thing about your 'MY'! Try not to clog up the thread with questions, etc. And NO COVID DISCUSSIONS! We want to be happy!
  6. B

    Oahu Charging Strategy - No home charger?

    I've got a carport 110v plug, but no EV charger. What is your strategy for that situation? I figure that I: 1. charge it at night to +/- keep up with commute demand, and 2. top it off from time to time at ??? when it falls behind or for extra driving, which I hope to do a fair bit. 3. Buying...
  7. S

    Hawaii - Paint Correction/PPF/Ceramic Coating

    Hello everyone...my first post here. I look forward to meeting you all I am in the process of purchasing a inventory model 3 (LR RWD Blue/White) on island. I move to the island on the 11th and have been reading through the forum to find some recommendations for protection for my new Tesla...
  8. bpmharris

    19” Rims- Honolulu

    Hey guys! If anyone is interested in 19” Silver slipstream rims with 4000 miles on tires and Gen 2 TPMS sensors. Please check out my Craigslist posting: https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/wto/d/tesla-19-inch-rims/6318472447.html?lang=en&cc=us Thanks!!
  9. nanimac

    2017 Oahu Meet-ups/Events

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing everyone at one of the meetups/events this year :) First Sunday Social is next Sunday, the 22nd. Who's going? Tesla Weekend Social in Honolulu