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  1. RelentlesShine

    Vendor San Antonio's Paint Protection Experts: Relentless Shine LLC

    Good morning everyone, How is the Tesla Life? Who has taken delivery this month? How exciting! For those of you interested in fixing factory paint imperfections and protecting the finish for years to come, we are here for you! We are a Feynlab Tier 1 Shop (Ceramic Coating), a 3M Authorized...
  2. P

    Opticoat UNDER 3M-Pro film ?!?

    My local installer (a well know certified shop that has apparently done dozens of Teslas) in Montreal says he'll put one layer of Opti-Coat Pro+ UNDER 3M-Pro film, and then another one above the film as usual. This is contrary to everything I have read here these past few weeks. Is there any...
  3. Shinteetah

    About to join the club! Best protection?

    Hello, TMC! After years of ogling and dreaming, I have finally taken the plunge and anticipate delivery before Christmas. WOOT. I have always necessarily driven SUVs -- current car is a Highlander hybrid, which is great actually -- and am anxious to see if the Model S is as good in snow as...
  4. R

    Protecting paint - XPEL, Opticoat vs repainting

    Hi, I've been perusing this forum in the past few days to get educated on paint protection options. I have a Pearl White P85D coming in "December" (that's what MyTesla says anyways) and would like to figure out my paint protection strategy so I can go and implement it as soon as I take...
  5. M

    2015 Tesla Model S 85 - Opti-Coat Pro - Oklahoma

    Had a client contact me about protecting his Tesla Model S and he wanted a ceramic coating. He had done a lot of research on-line and was set on having opti-coat applied to the vehicle. He plans on putting many miles on the car and having it for many years to come, longevity was the key factor...
  6. benemac

    Opti Coat Pro or Suntek Wrap (Partial w/total hood coverage)

    We are attempting to get all the details ironed out before we receive our car. Tint and protection will be done the first few days. So what I'm wondering about is whether we should do one or a combination of the following: OptiCoat Pro - To give it the shine and some protection from the dust...