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order logistics

  1. P

    Poor Experience buying a Tesla Model 3

    I am posting my story wondering if anyone will read it or frankly care. The statement bellow was originally intended for Tesla, at least whichever department handles complaints (if there even is one) but my post purchase survey gave me little room to deliver my account of my experience and my...
  2. rgc1990

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Hi All, Not sure if ‘allowed’ or worthwhile but thought I’d start an Australian ‘Model 3 Waiting Room’, as all responses with the LR thread I’ve been viewing appear to be from our US friends. So feel free to join and contribute here, and hopefully assist in consoling our fellow impatient...
  3. ocEVguy

    Tesla online store sucks!

    Does anybody know what the heck is the matter with the Tesla Online Store? I ordered a J1772 to Tesla converter back on 5/25 for $95 and Tesla took my money right away of course! Then I received a email on 5/27 saying my order has shipped but when I click on the FedEx tracking # , it just...
  4. ImEric

    How long is the wait from Order to delivery?

    If you have already gotten your Model 3, how long did you wait once you place your order? The online estimate says "3-6 Weeks," but of course we know that Tesla's timeframes can be... let's say "hopeful." And of course 3 weeks is already a big difference from 6 weeks. I'm curious how long...