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  1. KenFTL

    M3 Road Trip parking places for sleep

    I plan on driving to NYC from South Florida later this month. In addition, I plan on spending 6-7 days touring across Virgina. I plan on sleeping most nights in the M3. I have purchased the TESMAT along with the sheets and the privacy screen. I also have TravelJohn disposables (for overnight...
  2. tarndt

    Unplugged M3 SR+ overnight in -35C temperatures

    My first post, and apologies in advance if this is a dumb question, but I've been searching for weeks trying to find an answer and have continually come up short. My wife works shift-work at a hospital and I'm curious what her experience would be like if she took the M3 for a night shift in say...
  3. J

    Tip for 3~4% Battery drain overnight.

    I was experiencing overnight battery drain from my Model X, and found the reason for the issue. I usually put my key fob next to the door to the garage, and that was the cause of the problem. After locating the key fob way from the door (10ft) the problem has disappeared. If you are experiencing...
  4. Tony_YYZ

    Had an overnight demo of a Model S

    Hi All, I had an overnight demo of a Model S 75D last night. It was my first time driving a Tesla. And I have to say....WOW! The driving dynamic of that car is completely different than anything I've ever driven before. That low center of gravity made it handle like a champ. Acceleration was so...