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  1. B

    SOS please help, difference between tesla app reported net power export and what PGE bill says

    Hello, i am seeing a substantial difference (on certain days) between what the APP says it exported to the grid and what PGE says it received. Please see attached plot and data below. This has been going on for a while. please help me understand this. regards BK
  2. friday80s

    PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate Check Bounced

    The $800 Clean Fuel Rebate I cashed the other day for my Model 3 was returned for reason "Refer to Maker". I guess I'm not surprised as they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection however my bank is charging me $12 for the returned check. I wish PG&E would have informed me they wouldn't be...
  3. L

    PGE Rebate increasing to $800 from Jan 1st 2019

    It seems the PGE electric vehicle rebate is increasing from $500 to $800 on Jan 1st 2019. I just logged in to start the process for my 3 and the site very conveniently tells you that they recommend to you wait until Jan 1st otherwise you'll get the $500. Well that helps offset a little of the...
  4. C

    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    I've banged a quick-and-dirty comparison tool together for folks to allow comparing PG&E's current E9-A rate plan versus the upcoming EV-A rate plan. The basic concept is you download hourly historical usage data from PG&E (doesn't matter what rate plan you were on at the time, you can download...