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PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate Check Bounced

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The $800 Clean Fuel Rebate I cashed the other day for my Model 3 was returned for reason "Refer to Maker". I guess I'm not surprised as they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection however my bank is charging me $12 for the returned check. I wish PG&E would have informed me they wouldn't be funding rebates anymore, I wouldn't have cashed the check at all. I also figured they would have had a dedicated revenue source for rebates. Anyways you may want to call and make sure a rebate check you get in the mail is still valid before taking it to the bank.

I emailed PG&E just to be sure this wasn't a mistake. I'll post here when I hear back from them.
How long after you deposited the check before it bounced? I deposited mine a couple of days ago and the amount is still there. I guess I'll keep monitoring my account for the next few days to be sure it doesn't get reversed.
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I just put mine in the bank and it immediately had a 10 day hold put on it. I thought to myself "WTF!?!?? Thats never happened before." Now I know why...
That was a bad sign. The banks know immediately when things start going sideways.

You guys that had your PG&E checks bounce should call the TV station consumer help lines like 7 On Your Side or NBC We Investigate
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They emailed me back. They basically said that, if I'm applicable, they'll send me new checks in 2-3 weeks, one for the rebate and another for the bank fee.

PG&E Email Form: Contact Us

Here's the full reply from PG&E:

Dear ____,

Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Center.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused. We have issued a case to our Rebate Department Supervisors for follow up. You may refer to case number #######. If applicable you will receive a follow up email within 5-7 business days. You should receive your new check in 2-3 weeks.

We will need to submit an additional case regarding the bank fee. In order to proceed with that case we need you to send us a bank statement showing the fee. The statement can be either:

Faxed to 916-375-5102, Attn: RTM Desk
Mailed to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Payment Research Department, Attn: RTM Desk, PO BOX 997310, Sacramento, CA 95899-7310
Please reply to this email to advise us how you will be sending the statement, along with your mailing address. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by replying to this message directly or by contacting our Customer Service Line at 1-877-660-6789. We are happy to address your concerns. Customer service is available Monday-Friday 7am-9pm and Saturday 8am-6pm. Thank you for using our online services.

“To help us improve our service, click here to take a short survey.”

Pacific Gas & Electric Company
PG&E, Pacific Gas and Electric - Gas and power company for California
I know this will require more time and effort, but if you really want your money, go directly to one of the bank branches the check was drawn from and try cashing it there.

Go multiple times if you have to, you won't be charged bounced check fees.
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Mine finally bounced this morning. Deposited the 28th. Contacting PGE now.
I just checked my account and there's a pending reversal of the $800. No indication of a bank fee though. I deposited on the 29th.

UPDATE: I called PG&E and, as with @friday80s , I was told a new check will be mailed to me in about 2 weeks. The person I spoke to attributed it to a "glitch in their system". I'm not holding my breath on ever getting the money due to their bankruptcy filing.
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When I first heard the news I wondered if this would happen. Guess I’m happy I got the $500 last year and not have to go through all this hassle even assuming they do make good on it. I guess the bankruptcy court shut down all bank accounts but am surprised the rebate program if separately funded wasn’t exempt by the Court. Some PG&E attorney should have made that clear unless maybe they were putting the funds for that in the same checking account.

I can see this going to cause some people big headaches if they wrote checks out on it and It causes bounced checks for them in their personal account. Doubt PG&E will cover bounced check fees, just the returned check fee on the deposit. While the image to the public may be that people who can afford to buy a Tesla (or other EV) should have money in their account so this wouldn’t be a problem bouncing checks due to a $800 deposit, I think a number of people are kind of living paycheck to paycheck expecially in this high cost area of California and bought an EV to save money. Also expect even those that do have reserve funds may not keep a lot in their general household account but transfer money in as they need it. So can see this happening to them too. Not a good public relations event for PG&E. And hearing in the news on top of this that they were handing out some bonuses before they filed and wanting to hand out more during this period.

I feel for many of the employees of the company who are faced with this bankrupcty proceeding. Lots of good people, and I’m sure many long time employees, likely impacted in one way or another. Those linemen/women especially who risk so much to get power connected in bad weather.
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