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  1. MontyFloyd

    Eanes ISD (Austin, TX) board approves fleet of Model Y for police department

    Eanes ISD board approves creation of police department and Tesla fleet purchase in unanimous vote As one might expect with anything new: Mainly was ignorance of the costs, all the complainants thinking the MY would cost more. The board pointed out quite easily it will be significantly less...
  2. S

    California Window tint enforced?

    I am getting a pearl white MYLR, and it looks it's best with dark windows. I would like to get 70%VLT on front windshield and 35% VLT on the front 2 windows. However I am a bit concerned about the California Window tint rule. (I am in Bay Area) Is it really enforced?
  3. F

    Model 3 crash with police cruiser, who's at fault?

    Any body see this news clip? Who's look like they are at fault? Vote above.
  4. YusufT

    OPP Tweeted a mockup Tesla patrol car

    OPP Highway Safety Division on Twitter I highly highly doubt it will ever happen, but I thought it was cool nonetheless.
  5. GolanB

    TeslaCam catches teens throwing eggs at cars

    Just got copies of these two videos on a local Tesla WhatsApp group. It shows three teens throwing eggs at on-coming traffic here in NYC. The driver circled a second time to get a closer video capture. When he slowed down, they asked him if it was a Tesla, and asked that he roll down his...
  6. fasteddie7

    Autopilot speeding ticket

    So here's an interesting one. My buddy was traveling on a stretch of road we both travel frequently. The road goes from 50 to 35. Autopilot slows down automatically here but only starts slowing down as soon as the sign passes the front bumper. The cop clocked him as he reached the sign going...
  7. iKhalid

    Police Call: Child in Trunk

    I was on my way with the family for a little trip and stopped at Tim Horton's for some coffee. I opened the trunk and gave my son some juice while sitting in the rear facing seats. On my way, I got a phone call from the Ottawa police asking for my location. Some one called the police reporting...