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portable charger

  1. C

    Tesla Charging Equipment in Australia

    Hi All, I'm expecting a Model Y later this year and I've been tossing up over which charging equipment for portable charging I really need. As a newbie, my understanding is that 1) a type 2 to type 2 cable is definitely needed for public charging. 2) a type 2 to type 1 adaptor would be helpful...
  2. RayCanuck

    Portable charger intermittent

    Every now and again when I plug in the charger it doesn’t work. No lights nothing. I assume it has some sort of relay as when it does work, which is most of the time still, I can hear a click then the Tesla insignia lights up green. My worry is that this issue my worsen over time leaving me...
  3. D

    Emergency charging

    I have seen many discussions about using portable solar panels to charge an EV while camping or on a road trip. As has been often pointed out, trying to charge the car's batteries a significant amount just isn't practical. However, suppose you simply need to charge your EV just enough to drive...
  4. TexasTeslaRacing

    Charging @ 40AMP - Volt differences

    I'm curious if anyone can explain why on a 40AMP circuit there are different volts at two separate locations I use to charge my 2015 Model S. My home 240 outlet gives me 248V at 40AMP and a public charging location gives me 206V at 40AMP. See attached pictures. What would be the reason for the...
  5. hughconn

    Solar charged, portable, battery-powered charger

    I built something that I hoped would be able to charge my Tesla while parked at work. I have a solar panel attached to a 12 volt battery attached to a 2000 watt inverter. The result is I produce 120 volts 12 amp juice. I thought that this would be sufficient to recharge the Tesla as if it was...