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power steering

  1. C

    Power steering issue

    I had an issue with my wipers not working. I ordered a used steering column controls setup from eBay. Installed with no problem and the wipers worked again. First use of car after installation and I have a power steering issue. It’s extremely difficult to turn the wheel to the left but no...
  2. C

    Power steering

    Had issue with wipers not working. Purchased used column controls off eBay. Removed steering wheel and installed. Wipers worked again but suddenly I have a power steering issue. It’s very difficult to only turn the wheel to the left. The right has no issue. Also the regenerative braking has...
  3. islandbayy

    Steering U-Joint Lower Shaft Issue and my Solution so far.

    Lesser known issue that is more common in the snow belt area is the Lower Steering I-Shaft U-Joint. Problem is that it is more exposed to the elements, and subject to Water, Snow, Salt, Sand, Dirt, and anything else that can be kicked up by the drivers side tire while driving. What ends up...
  4. hotgrips

    Steering box & Power steering problems NHTSA involved.

    Do any of you have the time to relate power steering issues? NHTSA has asked me to submit any documents I have or I can assemble re: warranty replacement or used replacement from salvage cars. Perhaps you could share your experience with the MS steering box or power-steering unit replacement...
  5. Kandiru

    Jerky Steering

    2015 S85D steering suddenly jerky this morning. I pulled out of the garage and the wheel was cogwheeling like a parkinsonian's distal biceps tendon, ie shuddering, giving opposing input, to the point that I had to fight it to turn. Continuing the drive it seemed the power steering had a mind of...